Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nigerian Scam * BE CAREFUL*

Just talked to my cousin. She's another victim of " NIGERIAN SCAM". This guy's named JAMES M.

 Noticed : HANDSOME GUY,DIRECTOR of Shipping Company in UK * HA HA HA HA HA. Excuse me.... I couldn't help not to laugh!

Widow, 1 kid,wife left him.

Knowing one each other on Jan 26th, then Feb 1st said : " Honey, I want to prove my love to you,so I will send you some money 10.000 poundsterling and rose."


Then, the slip was sent to her,and sent the copy to the email. It happened that the " content" was " 1.5m X 3m ". WHAT IS THAT ??????

MONEY !!! MONEY was sent in that HUGE box ? LOL. I can't stop laughing again.

I did tell my cousin that it's NIGERIAN SCAM as soon as he said he'd send her something.

I am lucky, my cousin shared the password with me,so I can monitor his "action". I've been reading his messages. I just laughed.

I was tickled to " chat " with him, but I decided not to. I have an account there,too,since my friend asked me to see her bf's pic there.LOL.

I have abandoned that account,till last week, I was intensively checking on this " scam". Even my sister, my Mom and my brother were following the " romance scam ".LOL

Anyway, like I told him, she got a phn call from Bali, telling that the package has arrived. She was asked to PAY $ 375 bucks!!!!  YUP!!!!  PAYING!!!!

She asked the office address and phn no, but this guy didn't give her any. Only cellphn no. SCAM!

She's mad. I don't blame her.

I checked the similar stories,and found out that these Nigerian Scam use the "same delivery confirmation " slip , different courier names, attached with Malaysian's Custom.

Fyi, Malaysia is the 3rd biggest scam base after Africa and Europe.

Funny thing, my cousin ( male ) who created the account,and spend more time chatting with these guys said," A LIAR is LIED " . LOL

We just laughed! Yes, he created that account,and trying to hook his sister to a nice guy,but ended up having a " nigerian scam." They've been chatting by webcam

I asked how he was doing the the chat. He had his sister with him and help her typing.

Be careful out there. I couldn't copy  this handsome " James M " 's pic . Just need to BE CAREFUL.


        pic 2. The delivery confirmation that was sent   to  my cousin. I edited it.

See pic no 1 ( above ),I attached the one my cousin had and other victims delivery confirmation. Same!

FYI, there's no post code in UK with that such numbers!

Be careful ! Nigerian Scam is still looking for victims!


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