Monday, February 14, 2011

( NO ) Worries

Got email from my boss, he's offered a new job, promoted to be a Regional Manager for Eastern America for P&G Account. Ah...what a sweet news! I'm so really surprise, because never heard any news about him ( although some people did ).

This guy is from NZ. He started as a worker who worked at mail room, and his career went up high. I wish I could be like him.LOL.

Now, as he sent email to the team workers, I feel a lil bit worry. Worry in meaning that I wouldn't meet him again. Worry if someone who replaces him might not be like him. We're " foreigners ". I feel the connection, whenever I had problems, I could speak my minds to him through email.

As I congrated him by email, I will pray whoever he chooses to take over his position, would be a person who can " hear " and " listen " to our minds. Someone who can embrace the others and wouldn't make a gap.

This will be put in my prayer list. I hope it will work out well.