Monday, October 1, 2007

Thanks, The Brinkmans

Got another package from The Brinkmans last week . Just have time to post it today ( duhhh.. udh mulai sibuk,mana Baby Ries nendang2 mulu,minta keluar ) :P

I'm so surprised to see the package was at the front door. Mirce... elu lagi preggo juga,ngerepotin aja :P

Thank you so much,Mirna & James.

God bless you and the baby on board.


  1. very cute gift ..:))
    Take care of your precious baby Mei :))

  2. wahh baby Ries pasti seneng sama ini stuffs ..cute outfit and toys :) God Bless The Brinkmans ! You too Mei take care and GBU

  3. iya nih, yg krm paket blm nongol2 . ^__^

  4. lahhhhhhhhhhh muncul dia!!!!!! Thnks,Mirce. ^__^. Btw,how's your pregnancy ????? Belly hasn't shown up yet,ya ??? Msh muntah2 ?? *ketularan kan * :D