Monday, October 15, 2007

Hello from Baby Ries aka MeiLee ^___^


Hello all,


I wanna introduce myself. I was born Wed, 10/10/2007. As my fussy Mommy told you, I was 2 weeks earlier.Mommy almost made a history at The Federal Building, Downtown.

It's because she couldn't stop walking and working around, like Daddy said.Daddy and other family had hard time to make her stop.Bet she still wanted me come out on Oct 26th .

Mommy and Daddy had hard time to pick up my 1st name,too.Mommy herself had picked the name months ago,but Daddy didn't like them. Daddy said those names didn't click on his brain.He picked other name,Mommy didn't like it. 

Till the unexpected delivery happened,they still didn't have the name.Mommy was worried.Cos the lady from hospital came and picked up the paper.Mommy asked her to come back the next day,cos Mommy still wanted to discuss with Daddy.

Daddy kept wanting name " Anna ".Mommy said it's a common name.Daddy said," it's an american name.It sounds good in my ear." Mommy wanted to put " Baby", would be spelt differently as " Beby " ( Mommy's eldest sister ) or Bebie. But,Daddy rather has " Babie". Mommy said," It can't be happen.If you skip "e", it'll be "pig" in Indonesian.Mommy didn't wanna her daughter be mocked in the future.


An hour before we left the hospital,the lady came back again.Mommy hasn't written any 1st name.Mommy tried to wake Daddy up,but Daddy seemed enjoying me.He put me on top of his chest and we slept. Daddy snored....

Mommy tried to wake him up again and said," Hun,so what it will be ??? Anne or Anna? Or something else??" Daddy just said," Huh????? Yeahhhh.." and then slept again. Mommy gave up and wrote Anna as my 1st name.

When the paper was taken away,Mommy thought she wanted to change the name.Daddy said,"  it's too late,hun.You wrote Anna there." Mommy blamed Daddy cos Daddy kept wanting Anna.

Then,Mommy thought," Ok.. let Daddy win." . Daddy said," Next time,you can give the name." Mommy said,' Oh no... one is enough for now. It hurts so bad. Between life and death." Daddy laughed.  . Mommy and Daddy kissed me.


So... Mommy and Daddy had picked up the names.

Anna MeiLee Ries

Wed, Oct 10th 2007

Chris Hospital

3.44 pm -  6.3 lbs, 19 inches

Meaning of my names :

1st name : ANNA   - The meaning of the name Ana is Gracious, Merciful


The origin of the name Ana is Spanish


Info on this name: Form of Anne.

Besides, it's taken from Oma's name, Susiana, and grandma's middle name " Ann ".

2nd name : MEILEE  means Beautiful in Chinese ( Mei Li )

it's taken from Mommy's name, Mei and great grandma's ( grandma's mom's ) middle name " Mae ".

Lee is taken from Daddy's middle name.

So... you can combine the name.I have rich names taken from both sides of my family.Exactly like Daddy really wanted,collected names to remember the family root. * What a wonderful idea!!! Even Mommy said she didn't think abt it *.


Anna MeiLee Ries = Gracious beautiful girl

As soon as Mommy knows this, she said to Daddy," I like the names,hun.They do have meanings." . Daddy replied," I told you "


But,still Daddy always teases me and calls me," Haleluya Girl ".He always lifts up my hands and says," Haleluya!!!". He said to Mommy," I should have named her Haleluya ".

Mommy was surprised .Mommy said," Sorry,it's too late now."

Mommy says I have lots of nicknames. Since I've been called Baby Ries before I was born,Mommy still wanna that name. She calls me " MeiLee"

Daddy sometimes calls me "
Cutie Pie "

Tony calls me, " Anna Mei " sounds like " Anime "

Others call me " Anna ".

But,mostly I liked to be called " Baby Ries or MeiLee ".

I am grateful for everything Mommy and Daddy had done for me. Mostly Thank Lord that I am here now, could see Mommy and Daddy finally.

 I'd like thank you to you all who had supported my mommy  during her pregancy , and to those  who  sent me lots of gifts.

Finally ,nighty nite.I've been drinking milk all day long.Mommy has lots of milk.

God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Baby Ries aka MeiLee




PS: Just found out from Grandma,that Anna was her aunt's name,too!!! And,  Lee was taken from Nanny ( Daddy's french grandma, Leena ).

Daddy said I have lots of heritages in my blood.

Dutch, French,  German Irish ( Daddy ) - Bataknese Chinese ( Mommy ).

 See if I will eat spicy stuff like Mommy does .

Mommy just went to kitchen and cooked Rendang just 2 days after discharged from the hospital.

 Dasar, lidah kampung


  1. congrats one more time ya Mei, baby Ries aka MeiLee is adorable cute.. muuuaahhhh..

  2. Congratulation for both of you she soo perfect and beautiful,again Congratulation ya..............God bless you both!!!

  3. Cutie Meilee, ultahnya bakal sama dengan Jasmine. Congrats again Mei-mei and hubby.

  4. Congratulations to both of you, she's so perfect and sp beautiful... again Congratulations ..............God bless!!!

  5. congrats yah mylo.. aduh itu yang babi2 diatas lucu banget.. hauhau..

  6. selamat ya Mei...
    *terpaut sehari dengan ponakan saya. lahir tgl 11.10.07 dan namanya hampir sama :D

  7. Selamat ya buat Mamanya, selamat menjadi mama baru...

  8. Selamat ya Mei. Annanya dah pintar euy, dah langsung bisa ngobrol ama tante2nya hehe.

    "But,mostly I liked to be called " Baby Ries or MeiLee ".

    Padahal Mamanya nih yg suka... :)

  9. boleh ya bou imeng panggil meilee, serupa sama ur mommy..

  10. Meiiii....congrats yah....Meilee so cuteee *kiss*

  11. Welcome to the world " Anna MeiLee Ries " God Bless you always cute little girl. We believe your parents proud with you and love you very much. Mei and Ronnie, Anna is beautiful baby girl...congratulation again for both of you.

    The Schalhamers

  12. Anna is really "hen Mei Li"
    Congratz again to the Ries
    Welcome to motherhood Mei...
    Enjoy every single moment of her..

  13. duhhhh finally baby Ries is here...wahhh cakep loh anakmu Mei... moga2 baby Anna bisa jadi anak yang pinter.sehat... ceria dan sayang ama orang tua :)

  14. Mei...ampir kejadian brojol di Federal Building ya hihihi...waktu lu telp gw jam 10 pagi itu blg mules trus keluar pipis campur darah gw udah yakin pasti brojol within 24 nya msh keukeh..
    Mei maunya tgl 26 biar bareng bdaynya...tooiiingg...*jaw dropped*
    Trus instead directly heading to hospital, masih sempet2xnya ke Federal Building dulu...ckckck...super mom bgt nih hahaha. Congrats sekali lg ya...MeiLee is so pretty

  15. cuteee...Congratulations yah Mei..

  16. Mei ..selamat deh atas kehadiran anaknya yg pertama..semoga baik2 aja selalu en Tuhan Berkati....GBU

  17. Mei, selamat atas kehadiran si kecil, she's so cute, namanya juga keren banget, I like it. Salam buat Ronny

  18. Congrats ya Mei! Cute cute cute Meilee. She's beautiful.

  19. Duh ceritamu selalu asik, Mei. Seneng mbacanya. Nama yg sangat bagus, penuh arti dan cantik secantik Meilee.

  20. Selamat ya, senangnya mau dong heheh...

  21. Congratulations MeiMei... Namanya cantik sekaliiiiiiii, a big hug and kisses to you and MeiLee

  22. I like her name - it sounds so beautiful! Welcome lil Anna and congatulation for parents. You did a good job!

  23. Congrats for the proud parents...Mei2 and Ronnie....and welcome to the world, Baby Mei Lee..... God bless.

  24. Hihihi kalo lahir di federal building namanya apa ya mei :D I really like Anna Meilee though :D Good job mommy and daddy!

  25. Nama nya bagus deh.Congrats again da.

  26. wah waaaah cantiknya
    selamat yah heuheuhe akhirna kluar juga walo lebih awal dr yg di perkirakan tp smua berjalan baik

  27. cantik cantik, namanya juga cantikkkk

  28. wah, congratulation ya ci... namanya keren banget... :D

  29. Congratulation buat Ronnie - Mei Family...

    namnya bagus eda...miss chatting with you
    Kisses buat ur little angel ya muahhhh

  30. namanya bagus mei, selamat yaaaa

  31. ALOW.......

    sorry,baru bisa bls skrg.Mo balas satu2,kok kelamaan ya ?? Maklum,udh ada momongan,gak bisa lama2 duduk di dpn compie kyk dulu lagi.

    Btw, untung gak melahirkan di Federal Building,kalo nggak namanya jadi " Federalia " pula ntar. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    Officially,saya bergabung dengan pasukan emak2 bedagang ya...sampe pagiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. Ampunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn......... :P

    Thn dpn,MeiLee ultah bareng sama Jasmine ya :D

  32. Bagus Mei namanya, nama tengahnya hampir sama ama nama keponakan gue Mei = cantik.
    She is pretty.

  33. Congrats yah, beautiful baby Anna. And salam kenal juga.

  34. hi,Odhetta..salam kenal juga. Thnks... ( gpp gitu dipanggil nama ?? or enaknya apa ya ? ) GBU!!!

  35. anna.. anna.. ya kalo di sini kau tuh boru panggoarannya amangmu,,, dan emakmu dinamain "MAK ANNA!!" huh.. sound's bad, heah? huahuhauhauhua... :D

  36. Dodol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jgn panggil Anna ah.. MeiLee aja :P

    Gmn, Manuk Ni Atur kmrn yg dimasak Mami ??? Mau lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  37. Mei cantik sekali deh si anna.sekali lagi selamat ya mei dan ron buat kelahiran anna.Nama yang cantik sekali.niwey ntar gede si anna buat alex boleh ya hahahhahaha.big kiss ya buat mei dan anna.JBU

  38. Mei gitu toh ceritanya sampai nama Anna jadi buat MeiLee hahaha kepepet judulnya yaa.. :)

  39. skali lg congrats buat Mei & Ronny. cute baby girl

  40. gpp gitu berat di ongkos,Dev? He he he he. Import pengantin ce ya. ha ha ha ha

  41. Iya,kepepet judulnya. Ha ha ha ha. Tadi dibawa ke dokter,Mei2 maunya dia dipanggil MeiLee,not Anna.Gak sreg aja. Dokternya blg," ok deh..Anna,eh MeiLee ". hi hi hi

  42. Hi,Mpok Ana.Ini nih,kembarannya udah ada,nama Anna juga. ^___^


  44. Ha ha ha ha ha. I think I am getting like Anna,but still Baby Ries or MeiLee is the best. Hi hi hi hi.

  45. Congratulation for the birth of Meilee darling...maap telat jarang buka MP...what a cute baby she is...give my love to for mom big hug from both of us...

  46. duh,cinta.Kangen banget sama elu. Menghilang mulu,euyyyyyyyy... I'll give her a hug from you. Buat Mommynya yg gedean ya hugnya :D

  47. Waaaah....Selamat ya MeiMei ! She's so cute. She's perfect. She's beautiful. Congratulation !!

  48. Alow,Makkkkkkkkk... Tenggelam lu ya... Panen onta di sana ? :D

    Thnks a lot!!! missing you so much . Muachhhhhhhhhhhhh

  49. Helo Mei...udah lama aku gak dropping by...and very sorry for not congratulating you both sooner. Baby Anna is soo cute! God bless you both and baby Anna

  50. thnks, say. Kaget kan ya, tau2 kita udh ada momongan ? hehehehe. GBU, too!!!