Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bah... I'm Robbed!!! :P

Weks!!! I've been  " robbed " aka " tagged " by Melissa  & Cie Devi . Actually been tagged last week,but I was really busy ( getting closer to the due date ). Duhhh... takut nih :P

Seems I have to reveal some secrets abt myself and show them to public. Enak benerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :P

1. I love spicy food...

 No spicy food means not eating completely. Moreover Bataknese, SPICY Food  is a MUST !


2. " Poor " Lil Girl

When I was a kid, I had less pics compared with my sisters.


3. I love sports, esp Badminton, Football, Volley n Fishing.

 I got talents from  both of my parents. I attended Badminton Club when I was in Junior High School.Had won some tournaments ( been a runner up in 1995 for Kodya Siantar ) ,and won 2 gold medals for Single n Mixed Double in 1997,Porseni - Akpar Medan ).


4. Talkactive a lot & love making friends !!! ( No " Rules - Rules " an )

Gosh... I wish I could stop it!!!! Dunno what Mami craved for me.But,I love talking.I could talk all nite long till you're ready to duck tape my mouth!! :P  ( cos I can talk all day long,all nite long,and did make my family fell asleep ). They always ask me whether they need to record it instead of listening to me.

I am an easy going person, can connect with people easily ( mostly adults, grandmas, grandpas,emak2, bapak2 ). Ha ha ha ha. Tuanya dikarbit nih jadinya :P

Don't like putting rules in my life. Mengalir bagaikan air sajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... I don't like everything must be perfect ( Lah wong manusia aja gak ada yg perfect gitu, lhoooo )


5. I love traveling & taking pics ...................

Didn't dream abt it before,but since I entered college and took Tours & Travel Management,I was crazy abt traveling ( Mostly when I didn't pay anything, just brought my own body n luggages ) .Iyalah.... company paid me for those


6. Goofy stuff, but I do wear Ronnie's clothes!!!!

He he he he he. Maybe since we're kids,we did it ( I loved wearing Papi's uniform when he came home from work ).  Now, I keep doing it. Once Ronnie's done wearing his shirt from work, I wear it the next day!!!  Ronnie said," You're weird,baby!!! " Who caresssssssssssss

And I love snuggling under his armpits !!!. It's been my habit since I was 13 ( snuggled under Papi's armpit all nite long )


7. Like " Cooking,Eating,Sleeping,Shopping "  and more " Ing"s

Yeah... sleeping like a cow ( maybe cos I'm pregnant rite now ). Love eating,but don't give me American food ( I am not fond of it ).Ampunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... no no no pleaseeeeeee.... I love cooking... It does make me feel good and gain weights. :D

But,not " flirting ". :D


8.The most important thing, I DO LOVE MY FAMILY!!! Have a very thick bond with them. I love them to death and would do anything to make them happy.


Expecting for a baby girl this month.I am so excited.Soon we're gonna have a lil family. Joe teased me when I was in Indo by saying," So.. finally... you're pregnant,huh?? Boobs are getting bigger." Huhhhhhhhhhhh...  Did you think I was a man ??  He laughed and said," It's just funny to see you rite now.Can't believe  you're gonna have a baby " Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Yeah... I used to be a tomboy girl, didn't date till I met Ronnie.   but hey... I am a woman,not a man lah yaooooo


Ok.. I think that's all. I have revealed a lotttttttttttttttttt . See??? talk a lot!!!  Time to shut my mouth up.


Now ,let me " rob " :

1. Jenny Sumadi

2.Sera White

3.Mirna Brinkman


5. Chiko

6.Lidya Schalhamer

7.Linawati Gosali

8.Dewi :P

plus,whoever hasn't done this :P







  1. hihi mei.. sama donk.. no.1 ... dan 7 hihi...

  2. Mei.... kita samaan demen PPPEEEDDEESSS... makin pedes makin asik yah say ♥ makan kalau engga ada cabe beneran engga enak dagh.
    ngelihat merah2 yg kaya di photo aja udah ngeces neeh.... ♥

  3. No. 4 bisa kebaca in your blogs so I trust you hehehe

  4. Da itu photo Mu waktu kecil lutu benar.....

  5. sama Mei suka pedes ditambah asem hmmm yummy.
    like cooking sejak disini ajah, sleeping oh yes apalagi kalu masuk winter udah kaya bear hybernate, shopping oh yesss...

  6. Iya....samaaaaaa!!!!
    Makin pedas, makin enak and makannya makin banyak wuih....:)

  7. he he he he he. Hari ini mo makan yg pedes2 dulu,Mi,sekalian buat filling lumpia utk Baby Shower Sabtu ini. ^___^

  8. penggemar yg pedes2 semua nih ceritanya :D

  9. Jarang2 dulu fotoan,da. Setengah mati cari2 foto wkt kecil.ha ha ha ha ha

  10. Ayooooooo langsung ke dapur, ulek2 sambel, Dev :D

  11. Nah.. udh ditagged tuh. Ayo,gantian buka rahasia :D

  12. thank you for sharing, so cuteeeeeeeee hehehe....

  13. giliran lu,Mir :P .How's your pregnancy so far???

  14. gw mah numpang lewat aja mpokkkkkk...missed u's life out there ?

  15. Namanya juga lahir and gede di indo, kalo ngak suka yang pedes itu mah....hmmmm... *tau sendiri deh*...apa namanya :P

  16. ihhh tolongggggggggggggggg. Ke mana aja lu,Mpok???? Pesta mulu nih yeeeee :P . Counting days to have a baby this month ^__^

  17. ya ampun kirain robbed beneran Mei... take care met menghitung hari.. God bless you and the bebe

  18. he he he he. Iya nih,dirampok,suruh buka rahasia.^___^. Doain ya..deg2an nih. GBU!!!!

  19. hahaha..jadi inget pas sd dulu mei..