Monday, October 22, 2007

MeiLee : I'm 12 Days Old Now


Hello...  I'm back

Wanna chit chat abt my days. I'm 12 days old rite now. Mommy feeds me well.Her milk is way too much.She feeds me almost every hour. I drink a lot,of course. Mommy don't give me any formula for days. But,Daddy says he needs something to feed me when he comes back home from work.

Mommy don't wanna give formula,but Daddy took me upstairs. He looks for a bottle of formula and feed me.Daddy says next time Mommy needs to pump 1 bottle of her milk,so he can feed me from Mommy's milk,not the formula. Daddy wants to feed me,too, he says. :D



In the evening,when Daddy comes home,we play " Roll the Baby". He keeps calling me his " Halleluya Girl ". I like playing with Daddy.Mommy keeps taking lots of pics of me and Daddy.

One day Daddy said," Honey,stop taking the pics.Let we have private moment without any flashes." :D . Mommy couldn't resist it at all. 


Sometimes,when Mommy wanna take pics, Daddy protects my face.ha ha ha ha. He says," Yeah,baby.. Daddy will protect you from your annoying Mommy." Ha ha ha ha ha ha.


Mommy keeps laughing everytime she sees Daddy rolls me in bed. She's afraid,too.She said," Duh.... don't roll her that much.I was in pain for almost 9 mnths to have her, and you roll her around like you're making a batter." :D . Daddy says," Ohh... noooo.... she's fine. "

Sometimes,Mommy cries and frustated to wake me up. She cried and said to Daddy," I can't make her up. I feel bad. You make her easily." She whined. Daddy said," Oh,baby..I take abt 20 mnts to wake her up. You just need to play with her. Don't give up."  Then,Mommy stops crying.

At nite, I see Mommy is in pain. Her bottom still hurts, she sometimes has hard time to feed me. Thank God, I got a boopy pillow now. Mommy feels much better.

Yesterday,I made Mommy surprised and laughed,too. Mommy was changing my diaper and ready to put a new one.Suddenly, I poop again and it was all over Mommy's hands. Mommy's surprised and laughed out loudly. I myself cried!!!

Mommy ran and grabbed the phone.She called Daddy and told Daddy what happened. Daddy laughed out loudly,too.He couldn't stop laughing.Both of them. Daddy said," Take the pic!!!". Mommy said," Not this time ."  :D

She cleaned up her hands and changed me a new diaper. She held me and we sat on the couch. Mommy loves watching CSI,Court TV,Travel Channel and she's watching abt Ghosts last nite :P


This noon,Mommy gave me a bath.She put me in a small tub.I fit on it !!   Put on some lotion,cos my skin is dry. I gain weight,but Mommy looses weight. She was 136 lbs a couple days ago, and now she's 130 lbs. She's tired..........

Grandma played with me for awhile.Mommy took a shower and had lunch. Then,she breastfed me.

Suddenly,I saw Mommy's sleeping. She put her chin on my head. She snored. :D . I bet she's tired. She woke up and breastfed me again.  I fell asleep till Daddy came home and played with me before he headed to the bar.


Mommy puts me on my crib, and turn on the monitor.So,anytime I need something,Mommy knows and can come immediately to check me.

Love ya,Mommy !!! Love ya,Daddy!!!


Your daughter,

MeiLee aka Cutie Pie aka Halleluya Girl


  1. wahh gak terasa si meilee dah 12 days...cepet besar ya nak ;) mommy and daddy take good care of you very well. :)

  2. waahhh udah lahiran ya??? selamat ya say...lucu amat si meilee...

  3. hello halleluya girl, you are a smart and loving baby girl, you are lucky to have mom and dad love you soo much! anddd they have lots of fun with you :p

  4. Udh makin gede,tante.Nyusunya kuat, hampir tiap jam :D

  5. aduh manisnya... kapan bisa lihat langsung ya..

  6. dede meilee cepet besar ya mei.asi mu bagus tuh mei.kata orang sini sih makan ikan sarden itu bagus buat asi.big kissssssss buat dede cantik

  7. Thnks,Vris. Si Vida juga lucu ya. Cantik!!!

  8. Ayo,kembaran. Buat planning main ke sini Xmas nanti. ^________^

  9. Banjir asi,Dev.Hampir tiap jam nyusuin skrg.Malamnya diksh botol ( udh dipompa duluan ).kadang tidur bareng kita,biar gampang nyusuinnya.