Monday, October 15, 2007

Sat 13th : Baby Ries' Baby Shower ( 2nd one ),Club Evolution

Show must go on,since Mom had spread the invitation for a baby shower on Sat. Thnks to Joyce ( my sister in law and her friend ) who had been working hard to make it happen. Thnks to Pam who had helped us with ideas.

I didn't expect many people to come ( just only family and close friends ). I didn't expect gifts,either.Ronnie told our customers not to be bothered by bringing gifts.That's why I kept telling them not to bother.As long as they came,I would be happy.

Tbis time was awesome. I have the baby and we canceled the Belly Measurement - Game. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Stephanie Turner gave me lots of stuff ( she gave me another car seat ).Now I have 3 car seats. Alecia, my karaoke lady,she did spoil Baby Ries. She bought bunch of clothes and other stuff. I felt so bad. But,Alecia said she liked shopping for babies. :P

Others gave me lots lots lots lots of stuff,too.My sisters in law ( Mary,Joyce n Pam ), they bought Baby Ries cute stuff. MeiLee is so very lucky,she's spoiled by the family :P

Thnks for coming,Sybelle,Alecia,Marce,Cie Lusy,Stephanie + Laura, Pam + Cristie, Joyce + Linda, Matt + Mary.

Baby shower was over around 5 pm.I went home and took some rest. My milk was so full and I had to pump so often. Once I pump, I have 4 oz!! Goodness…banjir bangetttttttttttt,mana sakit lagi .

I called my family.They celebrated MeiLee’s arrival by buying chicken and cooked it traditionally ( Manuk Ni Atur kah,Papi ? ) :P .

Anyway,thanks for all the lovely gifts. God bless you all!!!!!!!!!

Thnk you for the lovely gifts. May God bless you!!!!!


  1. siapa nih mei? babynya montok dan lucu amat, matanya dohh..

  2. Anaknya bartender,matanya belog gitu ya. Rada takut ngeliatnya. He he he he.

  3. Head bandnya ini rada pas, yg kmrn wkt di RS, longgar. Ha ha ha ha

  4. Mei..........congrats yah, duh cute amat si baby Ries. sorry baru mampir kesini, congrats happy for you, Mei

  5. thnks,Mpit.Btw,ke mana aja lu? Dicari2 di WG gak muncul :hehe

  6. selamet menjadi ibu....duhh seneng skali punya anak imut dan manis....