Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Oct 23th : Tuesday : Back to Work

Ronnie texted me abt 10.30 pm.He said that Roxann didn't come to bartend. I offered myself to bartend at that nite.

We asked Stephie's favor to babysit MeiLee while I was working. Previously,Ronnie wanted me to come and bring the baby to the bar ( showed her to the tues crowds,but it's raining,I didn't wanna do that ).

Since Roxann didn't come, so we changed our plan. I bartended till we closed. Actually, I didn't do a lot. Mom helped me bartend.

I met the tues crowd. I was so glad. There're some new faces, and old face,too.

We had fun. I sang a couple songs ^____^. Eventhough got tootache,but show must go on. ha ha ha ha ha.

Went home abt 3.30am, ran to Stephie's bedroom and kissed MeiLee all over. Hugged her for a few minutes before putting her back to her crib. Goshhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I missed her soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Couldn't stay away from her for a long time. I am dying!! ^____^


  1. sudah,Mpok.Gak betah panas2in pantat di rmh :D

  2. Tumben Mei bisa makan pizza... ♥

  3. msh lapar,Mi. ^__^. Lucunya,kelar melahirkan,malah appetite meningkat tuh :D

  4. Kak that your own bar? Since i have aleksa, its hard to me to hang out to the bar and playing pool. I like playing pool. Do the bar has pool table?

  5. Yupie... Kpn main ke sini ?? :D

    we have 2 pool tables, 1 dart board, 1 golden tee.Apalagi ya??? Beer pong n nice patio. ^___^.

    Dulu rajin main pool,skrg malah gak tuh. :D .