Sunday, October 28, 2007

Oct 27th : Tony's Bday & Surprise For Us

We went to Fricker's around 5 pm . It's Tony's bday and Steve celebrated it at Fricker's.

We ordered some food. Pam held MeiLee. Mom offered to hold her,but Pam said," No... " . Ha ha ha ha ha.

MeiLee slept well. Ronnie came abt 7 pm and held her on his lap. I offered to hold her,but Ronnie said," No, let me hold her. I didn't spend much time to play with her today. " :P

It's a surprise for us. Steve and Pam asked us to go closer to the table and I read our names on top of the big cake. Ay ya ya!!!!!

They wrote down some other names there. Ha ha ha ha... Yeah, Oct is the most bdays celebration in our fam. It's ours ( mine n Ronnie ), Tony,Cristie,Shawn, Danae & Matt, Big Ron ( Ronnie's dad ) and then MeiLee's.

Tony,Shawn,Cristie got presents. Me and Ronnie got bday cards!!! Lovely!!!!!!!!
Tony got a tiny cam for his PSP. That's a cool cam I've ever seen. Steve n Pam ordered it from Japan ( ebay ).

Party was over around 8 pm. Ronnie went to the bar, I stayed at home. My bottom's still hurtsssssssssssssss...........

Happy bday to Tony,Cristie,Shawn . God bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Steve n Pam for the lovely surprise. We love you!!!!


  1. Hehehe .... si Baby pasti hangat .....

  2. Happy B'Day buat semua yg ultah pasti nya ..... :)

  3. Dingin sekali kmrn itu,Nia.Mei2 sampe menggigil

  4. Thank you.. Puas makan kmrn di Fricker's :D

  5. My favorite appetizer!!! I love cheese sticks!!!

  6. Happy Birthday...................God bless all of you............

  7. she's way too content that makes Mom worry abt it.

  8. Hi, Ria. Thnks a lot.. GBU,too!!! Thnks udh mampir