Friday, December 16, 2005

Steamed Beef with Rice

Ronnie loves this food,since the gravy from the beef can be stirred around with rice.He is the 1st person who looks for the rest of the gravy from the pan. Laughing 1

Mom cooks it a couple times,but this time,I did it.I still got a problem still abt how to cook rice ala American.Cos, Mom cooks it with some margarin and salt.Me? I just put some rice and water without no additional ingredients. But,since everyone has got used to eating with margarine n salt,then I do it.

One word for the beef I cooked," Delicious".You gotta try one day!!!Goofy

2 lbs of beef ( I forgot what kind of beef we had last nite.I myself never pay attention.As I know, I just cook it ).ROTFL

Seasoning for Beef :
garlic & herb seasoning
garlic powder
seasoned pepper
1/2 cup of water
2 spoons of margarine

Rice :

2 cups of rice
4 cups of water
2 spoons of margarine
salt as needed
big pan

1. Heat the pan,and add some margarine.Fry the beef a few mnts.

2.Add the seasoning to the beef,keep frying,just to make the 2 sides are brown.

3.Add the water and cover the pan with the led.Cook with very low heat.( It'll take abt 2-2.5 hours ). Wait till it's tender.If you wanna have more gravy,add just a lil bit more water.

4.Cook the rice.Move the pan while the water boils.Leave it alone with the pan covered with the led.

5.Liff the beef when it's tender enough.You can stir the rice into the gravy,so the rice will be full of gravy.Or,you can just leave it alone.

6.Ready to serve,you can add with fresh green beans of corn.



  1. ya ampun lo kagak ada habis2nya bikin gw ngiler deh say :-PPP

  2. Horeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Ria org pertama yg ksh comment ...lagi2 ttg makanan.Jadi curiga nih,Ri.Apa tiap hari mantengin postingan makanan kah???
    tidak akan pernah berhenti utk membuat yg namanya Ria ngiler abis2an..
    Selamat ber-ileran ria,say.

  3. wakakakaka....emang bener tiap hari gw nongkrongin MP cuma buat ngintip makanan...buat nambah kliping resep2 gw githu loh say hihihi...emang lo yg paling getol dah bikin gw ngiler auhauhauh...tengkyuuukkkk banget dah bikin rumah gw banjir iler...glekkkkk....wakakaka...

  4. Rajin ngumpulin resep ternyata ibu satu ini.

  5. Wahhh rajin ngumpulin resep ternyata ibu satu ini

  6. yeeee biar muka preman ginian tapi kalo urusan masak memasak mah selalu ajah ada acara uji coba kikikiki...