Friday, December 2, 2005

IndoNorthwestOhio Family Christmas Party Celebration 2005

Start:     Dec 11, '05 1:30p
Location:     Toledo, OH
It's a traditional yearly party for our small group
we hope everyone will attend.

It's time to gather again, time to say hello to long time friends that haven't met for awhile, and a holiday welcome to new friends visiting Toledo for the first time. While enjoying some delicious food, the moms will chat, laugh and exchange gifts. The dads will renew old friendships while chasing the kids as they prepare to entertain us with their special talents in singing and reading poems. Of course Mr. Clause is planning to stop by with a gift for all the little ones.
All will have a wonderful time.

This would be our 1st X-Mas celebration in Toledo. Gonna meet The Cantwell ( couple who played the role as my parents on our wedding )

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