Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve : Jalan-Jalan ^_____^

Christmas Eve.... we were invited to go over Matt n Mary,but we didn't go,but Mom did.We went to Mercantile Library,instead.I had to return a book I borrowed (it's overdue,I bet I was fined already...Nasib...nasib...I even been fined in Public Library..).

We passed the Bengals game.Ronnie took the high road that we could see it.Hooray!!!!! I got one pic.I should have deleted some old pics in the cam,but it's too late to do that.

Ronnie dropped me and he made around to find a parking line.But,I just needed 1-2 mnts to  return the book back.

Ronnie took me to Walmart,we did some shopping.I bought Mom a gift and Ronnie,too.I didn't let Ronnie see the gifts I bought for him.

We had dinner in Olive Garden.Gotta wait for 15 mnts.Ronnie met his friend at work,Kevin n his fam there.We waited in the bar while we're waiting for the empty table.Once the pager beeped,I brought Ronnie's glass to the table.Ronnie asked me,"Babe,have you paid it??" Hahahhahahah. I thought it would be noted in the bill. ^_____^

We had Smoked Mozarella Foundate ,Italian Salad  (yummyyyyyy ).Ronnie had T-Bone Steak, I didn't order any main course.I am afraid I couldn't eat it all,so better I didn't order ( at least I could sneak some from Ronnie's ). ^___^

After having salad I said to Ronnie,"I'm ready to have dessert,baby." He nodded his head. Hihihihihi. Then,I  ordered TIRAMISU!!! Yummyyyyyyyyy...Lama banget gak makan tiramisu..

Before the food came,we played the glass.Ronnie dipped his hand in some water,and rubbed around the glass.It made a noise!!!! Tuink.......tuink............ like that... Begitu bunyinya. Hahahahhahahaha.

I was quite full enough.Ronnie brought home some of the food,and gave to Lucky Boy!!!

We went home, I wrapped the gifts.Thank God Mom hasn't been home yet,so I was free to wrap her gift. She came back home about 10pm.She said it was great.

Tomorrow we gotta go to church and go over Steve's.He invites us to have dinner with his family.

Oh well... since I don't have any available pics in Photo Section,I just could attach a few here... Duhhh MP...........ksh jatah lagi donk....lama banget nih nunggu sampe akhir bulan... *arghhhhh*



  1. heheh maunya mp kasih jatah yah kan xmas hihihihi

  2. sabar mei..bentar lagi..
    cuman itungan hari doang neh....
    gw juga nunggu neh, moliat foto2 terbaru nya..

  3. Sabar,say...Lagi disave di Yahoo Photo.Ntar ke Link aja,click di sana Photo Album..Buruannnnnnnnnnn ^___^

  4. jalan2 terusssssss...bawa bekel ga buat dijalan say ;))

  5. Barusan plg nih,Ri.Gak bawa bekal di jalan,cuma ke Mall doank.hehehhehe

  6. pasti dah gw dilupain klo lagi di Mall kukuku...

  7. endang...Nyampe rmh baru ingat,bu Ronda pasti nanti keliling MP. Hihihihihi

  8. wuakakaka...* sambil bawa kentongan ngamanin MP *

  9. wuakakaka...* sambil bawa kentongan ngamanin MP *

  10. wuakakaka...* sambil bawa kentongan ngamanin MP *

  11. Semangat sekali say jadi Bu Ronda,sampe 3x posting. Hahahahahha