Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sales After Christmas : All I wanna is Sleeping!!!

Yesterday morning, I and the kids went to Mall.Mom dropped us in front of the theater Movie Reels  (cos we would watch The Chronicle of Narnia at 3.45pm ).Tony bought our tickets   Tickets ( costed 5 bucks/ticket  in the afternoon ). We still had time to shopping,so went explored all the Malls in Northgate. I bought some sweaters ( actually Mom asked me to buy to be given to her granddaughters ).I bought one for me!!!!!!! ( a sweater with a scarf )Sweater 3 *tidakmaukalah.com*ROTFL

Then, Steffany bought Avril's CD.Tony bought something ( he shopped by himself,I was with Kelly n Steffie ). I bought an Estee Lauder parfume,finally.I returned back the parfume Mom gave to me and bought it.  Spaz


While the kids were having lunch Burger Joint  in Food Court, I went to Sear's,bought Ronnie's new jeans Pants 2 .I thought 3 pairs were enough. Bounce (then,when he picked us in the theater,he said," Holy Moly that's a lot,baby!!! ) Smile 


Narnia was started at 3.45pm.I brought French Fries from Skyline and hid in my plastic bag.Tony  bought a big bag of Popcorn  ( I didn't eat it ). They shared. Sharing Popcorn .   I   was cold........DoofusMy jacket was not thick enough to make me warm.I pulled my legs and sat on them *preman.com* Gloves even didn't make me feel warm. I pulled a scarf I bought and covered my neck.Roll

I was a lil bit Sleepy,too The Dream.I thought I could sleep in the theater,but Nope!!! The movie is good!!! I did enjoy every minute.ShhhI recorded the last minutes of Narnia from my digi cam Digital Camera 2.Suddenly the lights were on. I was afraid, thought they detected the recording  Smile.I turned off my cam..when it's safe,I took some picsSnappy. *nakal.com*


Movie was over around 6.15pm.Ronnie picked us home and we stopped at Radio Shack.We bought a model kit Acura for Bradley ( Mom's present for him ).We bought one for exchange gift.Present .I'll wrap it later and put under the tree.Presents Under The Tree


Thank God, Mom cooked for our dinner.MomAlex,Tony's friend arrived as we   arrived at home.He stays overnite here with us.CJ,Kelly's brother came later.So..... house is fulled by teenagers!!! CJ had left this morning. I cooked Chicken Barbeque for our dinner.

Goshhh....Laundry would be done soon. Yesterday Mom did it.But,they're not done till nite. I continued it,but I didn't feel goodTired.Feel wanna Vomit and dizzyDizzy.Ronnie said I had been so tired during the week.Yes,I guess so,I stayed up very late in these days. I went to bed very early yesterday,abt 9pm.( Later,this evening Ronnie said to me," Are you pregnant,babeQuestion Mark"...Bahh... dunno....


I called my family in Siantar this morning. Thank God they're doing OK.My elder sister,Vivie would fly to Surabaya with her husband and Mike.They will visit Cendy's fam ( bro in law ).Amoy,my younger sister,got a present from her friend ( a necklace with Cross ) and a Cell Phone from Australian guy,the newest seri.Wahhh Blessed you are,siz!!!!Spaz

Duhh...dunno why the card reader don't work.I can't save the pics were taken   yesterday.Gotta wait till Ronnie do that for me.He said before,"You download lots of stuff here,babe,it jammed,I guess."Duh


I took a nap this noon,but still tired. I wanna have some more. All I wanna in Christmas is SLEEPING!!!!Sleeping


  1. ya a good long sleep :D you are busy with things and people...but I guess after this season done, you will have time for yourself again Mei!
    Film narnia bagus tuh, gue pertama gak gitu tertarik karena kan kayanya film anak2 gitu, eh tau2nya bagusss...gue suka si lucy punya mata belo dan gede...
    hehehe...gue suka aslan juga, begitu kalem dan bijak...beberapa orang sampe nangis waktu aslan berkorban buat edmond.

  2. Same here mpo...
    Hari ini gw koit tiduuurrrrr mulu seharian eh masih cape juga, ini badan pegel2 mata merem2 melek mulu perut keroncongan hihihihi beneran neh, gw juga pengen tiduuuur nih...

  3. Iya..finally... tugas selesai dgn baik... .Wish no more stay up late after this.
    Minjam kata2nya si KD ," Ku tak sanggupppppppppppppp bila aku jauhhhh dari Kapuk Island....."

    Tenang,ntar kita buat review Narnia...

  4. tidur2an yukkkkkkkkkkk.... I sleep on you...you sleep on the floor..
    Perut keroncongan,siap2 utk masak tuh. Resep pertama CAP CHAI!!!!!!!!!!!! Nah lo...bisa gak???

  5. I think all of us needs take a break from christmas ha..ha...I do feel the same like you do ..after got back from my mother in Laws house, I got a big headache, and vomitting...not know why...I guess to tired and eat too many foods he..he..

  6. jangan dulu ah ha...ha..1 aja udah repot konon mau punya anak lagi...

  7. hatop hon ma,eda.Sae adong donganni si Kathy i.. ^___^