Wednesday, January 3, 2007

New Year's Celeberation w/Tuesday Crowds

Sya la la la la....Another celebration was held on Tuesday.

Early Tuesday, me and Mom had the car fixed.Then we went shopping to Mall.We stopped by at HHGREGG and bought a DVD Portable Player.

I told Ronnie before I'd like to buy one. When he came home, he said," My Christmas present?" I said,' OURS!!!" Ha ha ha ha ha.

While I was bartending,I turned the DVD on.I watched " Bride n Prejudice ".Ronnie was busy in the office.

The crowds showed up around 11pm.I told Alecia we'd do Champagne Toast.Scott helped me pour 3 bottles of champagne.

I took out the party stuff and put at the front bar.As soon as they looked at those stuff,they played with it. OMG!!! WHAT A MESS!!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha

Jen said I shouldn't have let them play with them. Ahh it' s ok. Ronnie watched from the office.He's glad to see the crowds had fun.

They helped me sweep the floors.That's good!!!!!!!!!!

The party was ended at 3am.Ronnie and I left around 4am. I myself stayed up late.I watched Memoirs of A Geisha on bed, using headphone. I slept at 6am,woke up by 7am and continued sleeping till 10.30am and went to work till 4pm. Mopping the floors, received the deliveries ect.

What a day!!!!!!!!!!

Soon I'll go to work at nite till dawn. Sleepyyyyyy


  1. acekkkk kapan kita nonton bareng neh Mei wink*

  2. Mike tuh, bikin ketawa2Pake balon lg kmrn.

  3. welehhhhh party terusssss....seru mei.....

  4. jadi juga mpok beli di hhgreg..haa haa

  5. Iya nih.Bagus,Ser.Udh bbrp malam nonton Geisha,Brother Bear, sampe jam 45-6am. ha ha ha