Thursday, March 9, 2006

Hoorayyyyyy...They Come Again!!!

I was on the phone with Dan from Kiss FM,when my cellphone was beeping.I got one misscall.I called the no back,and it's Britney!!! OMG!!! I'm so glad she called me.

She wondered if we had Karaoke Program. Duhhh .... I can tell Britney loves singing ( one day she'll be Britney the country singer,defeat Spears ^___ ^ ).

She said she would come.Ok!!!!

Ronnie went home earlier.He still didn't feel good.I asked him to sleep and didn't need worry abt us.Dave was with me in the bar.

Jared,our DJ came with Dave.We had free pool nite,so everyone played pool freely.Jared said he would have a party on Fri nite.I volunteer to make a birthday cake for his friend,Olivia. ^__^

Abt 12pm,Britney came with her friend.Hooray!!!!! Minus Chris and Leah,but there' s someone with them.Andrew..Hm.... Drew n Andrew ^__^. I thought they're twins.

I do love meeting them. I really do !!!! As usual,I know what they like to drink. Jeger Bom fans. ^_____^

Andrew brought his nice cam. I took some pics of them,as usual,and Andrew took theirs,too.

Drew is so funny.He was holding a cellphone and said,"Mei-Mei,take my pic like this." Hahahahhaha. I laughed . Of course I didn't want to miss the moment.

They partied till 2.30am.I did enjoy it.Drew said,"We'll come on Tues Nite,karaoke with friends here." Go ahead,Drew.I wanna sing with you guys,too. ^_____^

Thank you for coming,again. We love you!!!! *hugs*

God Bless!!


  1. Ini langganannya Evolution ya, Mei ?

  2. aseeekkk yah yg punya bar seneng jeprat jepret ginian seruuu euyyy...jadi seneng dah langganan setia ;)

  3. more of cute and beautiful pics...
    thanks for sharing them...
    take care and keep in touch...

  4. Ini kali ke-2 mrk datang,sebelumnya hari Selasa,lalu besoknya.Anaknya baik2 ( yg cowok2 itu pak plisi semua).Gak keliatan ya??? ^___^ Asyik nih ada kenalan,biar mrk yg jaga2 kami nantinya.^___^>Mrk katanya tiap Selasa mo datang,khusus utk karaoke.Mo dijadikan tmpt hang out tiap selasa di Bar.

  5. Amin,mudah2an jadi regular customer.Baik2 sih,udh kyk sodara aja, kompak lagi .

  6. Untungnya Mei2 senang foto2,pokoknya diabadikan deh segala moment dgn foto2.Mrk minta supaya foto2nya dipajang di dinding bar.Salah satu cara utk buat customer senang,biar mrk jadi langganan setia.^___^

  7. Asyik..asyik..Mudah2an mrk ntar malam datang lagi

  8. Seru bangettttttt...Mana anak2nya asyik2 lagi.