Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wonderful " Family Time " ^___^

Oh how I love " FAMILY TIME " !

Last nite, I was cooking " Bubur Ayam " aka Chicken Porridge for dinner. ML was playing Dora Game, Daddy came home minutes later.

Daddy asked me what to do after done cooking. I said," Nothing.Eat some of it. Why?"

He said," Ok.. I will give you some time here.It's 7.30pm right now.Take your time. By 8.15pm, go down to the basement."

I wonder why and what he wanted to do. I was curious and asked," What you wanna do ?" He said," We'll have FAMILY TIME. We'll watch movie, Despicable Me."

Aha!!!!!!! I had borrowed it for almost a week, and hadn't had a chance to watch.Finally, Daddy had spare time last nite and decided to watch it together. Yuhuuu!!!!!!!

So, I was rushing, finishing my meal and cleaned up the kitchen. I asked ML to come down with us. She said, " No, thank you. ML play Dora. " Oh well... it'll be me and Daddy then

Anyway, Daddy turned on the dvd player. So glad the tv in  the basement is big.Got it from his friend, for free, home theather :D . The sound is good,too!

We started watching this movie. Daddy couldn't stop LAUGHING from the very 1st time movie's on till the end!

The movie is really funny! He couldn't stand, kept laughing and laughing and said," oh my.. it's hillarious!!! Oh no! Oh no!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha." I laughed,cos he laughed out loud!

Then, ML called us. She needed help. I went upstairs and helped her play Dora Game. I went downstairs and continued watching. Finally, ML joint us. She was curious what we're doing in the basement. 

Once she saw the movie, she said," Ahhh. ML want to watch!" So, she laid on me, meanwhile I laid on Daddy's lap.

Movie's really funny, interesting, made us laugh till the end. ML was a lil scared, there're some scenes scared her.

Movie's over by 10 pm. Ahh.. that's lovely nite! We enjoyed the cozy nite, it's only me, Daddy, ML and Putty who laid on the couch across us

Then, I took ML up to her bed. We prayed on the carpet facing her" purse lamp ", then put her back in her bed, reading her " Pinkalicious " turned to " Purplelicious " story book, it's about cupcakes.

Let's do it again, Daddy! We love it!

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