Wednesday, March 2, 2011

O.. Be Careful Lil Mouth

Yeah! It's kinda funny to remember what happened in the past. I was caught with what I said!

Years ago, my bro ( only bro! ) brought home a guitar. He said he borrowed it from his friend, since they would have a big Performing Arts ( Pentas Seni ) at their school, Methodist School. So, he said he'd like to play  guitar. Hm.... that's all I said.

Anyway, I saw him practising everyday, and I was bugged. I told him," Ah, Joe.Stop playing the guitar. I don't like it." He ignored me.

Everytime I saw him playing, I was bugged. Something was bothering me! I knew I didn't like it,cos I couldn't play it!  I hid my disappointment by acting like that!

One day, I saw this guitar was on the couch in the living room. I saw it, and wonder why Joe hadn't played it today, or the next day.

The next day, I saw it again. I felt it mocked me by sitting there everytime I passed the living room.

All I knew, I grabbed the guitar, sat on the couch and played it randomly! I said," Ugh!!!! I don't like this!"

Then, I saw some papers on the table. I wonder what they were. They're songs and chords! I thought," Ahhh... let me try the chords."

I paid attention to the instructions, and I could play chord C....then chord G... I played again and again. After that, I said,' It's enough! I'm done!

I left it and did my other stuff. At nite, I saw my bro was playing it. I walked by him.

The next day, I saw this guitar again on the couch. Hm.....I looked around, nobody's there. I sat on the couch, and " practise " again.

This time, I was able to add more chords. I started enjoying it. . The next day, I printed some songs and the chords. I practised and practised.

My brother didn't know about it. Till, one night, when he's playing, I asked him to borrow the guitar. He said," Bah! I thought you HATE it."

I told him, ' Yeah yeah yeah. Just gimme the guitar, please."

He handed me the guitar, I started playing The Cranberries, " Animal Instinct ". He was surprised! He said," Geee.... when DID you learn to play guitar ?????"

I told him," Since I saw the guitar was " mocking" me, by looking at me all the time at the couch!" . He's speechless. Ha ha ha ha. He said," THENNNNNN.... BE CAREFUL WITH WHAT YOU SAY!!!!!! " . LOL.

I said," I know... I know... I know.. sorry."

So, me and him practised some songs. I learnt how to play accoustic. It's kinda neat. I like the sound of it.

I learnt guitar about 1-3 months. He said,' Goodness!!! You pick it up faster than I do." LOL.

Anyway, I was busy preparing my visa and my departure to States on that year, so I kinda forgot to practise again.

It's amazing to know that Ronnie plays music, esp. guitar. When I got here, he showed me some of his guitars. I said," cool! "

I started playing again with Ronnie.There's one room he set as his " studio ". Got a keyboard, then some sound system.  I played for awhile, since I was not good enough. I even forgot the keys on keyboard!

So, I stopped playing...for years.... ufhhhhh

Last month, there's a fellowship at our house. I saw this young girl, played guitar. I was like," ahh... I wish I could play! " . Wait a minute! I did play before!

So, I started picking up the guitar again last 2 weeks ago. I printed some easy chords, practising again.

Then, when we had a Shepperd Meeting at Eric n Vera's house, friends said that Kim, the girl couldn't play this month. They asked if I could play this time. Wahhh... I was like," Duh... I couldn't! I only play, but not good. Only play as to play for fun."

But,they said I could try. Ok then. Besides, I brought some songs, just meant to practise the new songs for them. Finally, I took the offer.

On Sun, after church, friends came to practise and see how I played. Duh.. hopefully... hopefully it would run well. It's not for me... no no no.. it's for God

Last nite, I practised new song. Oh  how I love this song, " Eagle's Wings" by Hillsong. I practised till 11pm. Ronnie came down holding a paint brush ( he's painting the guest room) and said," I am proud what you're doing " ( pointing the paint brush to me ), but baby, it's your bedtime."

Ay ya ya ya ya.. I told him," Let me play one more time, and I'll be going."

My.. I can't wait till this evening, grabbing the guitar and playing it

No, I'm not good.. I'm just practising. LOL

Again.. O... be careful lil mouth what you say!

Once I said " I didn't like it", now I say " I LIKEEEEEEEEEEEE it! "

I denied myself for " disliking it ", because I couldn't play it!

I conquered my fear by facing it,and I won!

Nothing is possible as long as we make it possible!

Where there's a way, there's a will.




  1. Thanks for sharing Mei :) God gave us talents so we can use it and give it back to HIM. GBU

  2. Nice story Mei! Keep up your good work w/ur music and never say never :)

  3. Fat, thnks. Yeah...never say NEVER.LOL