Monday, March 28, 2011

Daddy's Sick

Poor Daddy, he's been sick since Sat Nite. ML pretended to be a doctor, checking on him

I took over the laundry, and cleaned ML's drawer. So glad that ML helped me sort her clothes. Daddy asked me not to work too hard. It's too late! 

He threw up a couple times, and took a shower a couple times,too. I asked him to eat something, he refused. The stomach virus was working on his belly. He said he couldn't eat at all.

Finally, at night, I cooked him pancake. He ate a couple bites, and gave up. he said," I'm buying my own frying pan. The pancake is spicy.Once awhile,it's ok." HA HA HA HA HA HA.

I have to admit, all my frying pans had been used for cooking spicy food. I finished the rest, since I hadn't eaten any for dinner.

Today, Daddy didn't go to work. He stays at home.He's taking some rest. Hopefully he could go to work tomorrow.

Get well soon, Daddy. Love you!




  1. get well soon, daddy..

    Dooh ML setia nemanin daddy yaa.. anak pintar.

  2. Thanks,say. Puji Tuhan, Ronnie udh msk krj semalam. Mknnya juga udh bagus. Pa kabar anak2 ?