Thursday, March 3, 2011

Accident Happens

Early in the morning, got a bad opening day. Still, thank God, it was not stopping me from doing my activities.

I fell on Mom's driveway while holding ML out of the car. I think I was not ready enough to stand up,lost balance and almost fell 3 times. The 4th time, I lost it. Fell on my right knee,still held ML on my arms. Thank God she's OK.

I was trying to get some help, but none was around me. Once I opened Mom's gate, I rushed into her bedroom. I put ML in her bed, and turned on the light. ML said," Mommy fell! Mommy get hurts."

Geee.... my pant ripped off pretty bad!. Even my legging's ripped off,too.

Mom was surprised to see how bad it was. Yeah, my knee hurts so bad. It's throbbing. Got a band aid, went back to my car, looked for my cellphone. I called office and left a message, then called my supervisor. I told her I might have been late since I had an accident. * Thank God, I got at work 1 minute before 7am*

So glad that Mom has pants that fit on me. . Now, the problem was, I couldn't find my glasses. ML said from Mom's bedroom," Mommy's glasses here!" Ah.... thanks, sweety!

I'm at work now.Eventhough my knee still hurts, throbbing, but I'm glad I am OK, moreover ML's OK.

Poor pants, I've never worn it before. Today was the very 1st day I wore it,and it's gone. Ahh...that's fine, I can always buy new ones.



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