Monday, March 21, 2011

Weird Dream * AGAIN!*

Ughhhh another " weird nightmare"!

I was in ML's bedroom, and saw from her window the neighbor's yard. There're some people over there talking late at night. It's was like doing transactions. I only peeped from the blind.

Then, I saw this one guy, smoking, looking at the window, and getting closer. I was afraid. I opened the blind ( ughhh ),and the window. He saw me and asked me what I was doing. I didn't say anything, but he put closer his cigarette and pushed on my right shoulder. Awww... it's burning!!!! He hurted me!

 Then, another scene, was " my husband " ( it's weird, my husband in this dream was my so called " father " from Lombok Island, where I used to live with him and his family ). 

I saw this " husband " had another " girl ". First, the girl was taken to our house and introduced as a worker. Then, it turned out they're getting closer. Till I asked what happened between them.

They admitted they had an affair, I was so furious! I asked the girl to leave the house. And my so called " husband" insisted she would stay with us. I threatened him to choose.He chose the girl. I told them to leave immediately, and I kept the kid.

Goshh... how hard it was to fight over the cheating. In my dream, I was really desperate to make it work, and it didn't.

May this weird thing only happened in the dream. I couldn't imagine in the reality.

May God protect our marriage, our lil family

Bet, if I told Ronnie about this dream, he would laugh at me. He would say," You always have weird dreams." LOL


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