Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mommy Not Like ML ?

She did it again!  I was ready to take her to bed, and touched her bottom. Ahhh.. she P*OP again. Duh!


I told ML, “ This is not good.You’re a big girl. You can do it by yourself.Or, if you need help, ask Mommy or Daddy.”


ML said “ sorry… sorry, Mommy. Sorry”. Ah….I said, “ No more ,ML. This is not the 1st time you do it. You need to learn. You’re a big girl.”


I told her I wouldn’t put on undies on her. Ha ha ha ha ha. She’s scared. She said,” Mommy, I’m sorry… I’m sorry.”


I cleaned her up, and put on a new undies. Then, I asked her to go to bed. She asked me to read her “ Purple Cupcakes.” I said,” No Purple Cupcakes tonite. Tomorrow,I’ll read. Let’s pray right now.”


We prayed, then ML asked me one more time to read. I said, “ We need to talk, ML.”

She was quiet. I told her, “ ML needs to stop doing it. It’s not good. You’re big enough.You can do it.”

ML responded,” I’m sorry.” I said,” Mommy hears that many times. It’s time to stop. Mommy likes Maggie. Look at Maggie.She’s a big girl. She can do it, ML can do it,too.”


Suddenly she says,” Mommy not like ML ?” She put a sad face. Oh my!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t mean to sound like that! LOL


 My answer,’ Mommy loves ML.Mommy likes ML.ML just needs to stop doing it in pants. Mommy’s here to help you.Daddy’s here to help you. You can do it. Promise Mommy you can do it.”


ML answered,” I promise.”


“ Now,” I said,” Where do you go “ pee pee “ ?

ML said, “ Potty.”

I said,”  Yes, where is it ?”

ML said,” Bathroom.”

I said : “ Good!” Now, where you go “ poo pee “ ?”

ML said, “ Training pants.”

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Oh my!!!!!!!!!!! How innocent she was! I tried to hold my laugh. HA HA HA HA HA. I tried!
I said,” No, ML. We go to bathroom.” Now, where we go to brush teeth ?”

ML said,” Bathroom.”

I said,” Now…where we go to “ mandi “ ?

She said,” BLUE BATHROOM!”

YES!!!!!!!! That’s it!


Then, I reminded her again. Where to go pee pee ? She answered “ bathroom”. Where to go “ poo pee “, she said “ TRAINING PANTS”. DUH!!!!!!!!!! LOL


I corrected her,” bathroom”. She got “ bathroom”.


Finally, I read her fave story “ Purple Cupcakes “ ( instead of Pinkalicious,story about PINK CUPCAKES, I changed into “ purple “. Cos ML LOVEEESSSSSSSSSSSS PURLE. )  ^____^


Oh how I love her! Out of her “ accidents’, I know I love her. I will help her to handle it.Hopefully she can do it.I know she can do it

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