Monday, March 7, 2011

Be Thankful

How many of us be thankful for having a baby/kid/kids in our lives ? How many of us realize how hard to carry on the full term pregnancy, and have a very perfect baby in our hands?

How many of us enjoy the moments of being pregnant, passing day by day till the lil tiny creature comes out,see him/her crying for the 1st time ? How many of us think it's AMAZING ? How many of us being PROUD to be parents? How many of us keep THANKING God for the life we have?

After learning my dear friend's miscarriage, loosing her very young 4 months of baby in the womb, it touched me how to face life, how to be greatful of what we're having. We have something that others don't! We have something that others longing to have one. We're greatful to have something while others even don't have any, or even don't want any!

We have with us, but sometimes we forget to thank God for what we have.

Flash back almost 4 years ago, Feb 09, I learnt that I was pregnant. I took about 2 years to decide to have kids. Finally, it's time, and Ronnie said in Oct 08," Ok, I want a kid." Dec, I went to doctor and checked if I was pregnant. The doctor said," NO." I was disappointed. She asked me to come back around Jan-Feb.

I went back on Feb'09, I was nervous.Doctor said," Yes, you're PREGNANT." WOW! It was like a sweet melody on my ears. I WAS PREGNANT! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!

The pregnancy really worn me out. For the whole 6 months, I kept vommiting. I didn't enjoy any food. I even couldn't enjoy my own cooking. I couldn't at all! I remembered I crawled down the steps cos I couldn't stand with the changing system in my body.

I was totally in a very bad situation. Did I want to give up ? NO! Cos I knew we'd have a beautiful baby, a baby that we really wanted. It's lots of pain, tears,fears, nervous,ect. But, I was strengthened everytime those feelings came over me.

Till the belly's getting bigger and bigger, till I felt this lil creature started "kicking" me, playing in my belly, rolling around, showing the bump here and there, and made me surprised once in a while ( I was sleeping, but she awakened! )

I enjoyed everyday of the pregnancy, with mixed feeling. Yet, I continued working... HARD. Yes, working hard! We still had the bar at that time, I worked more than 16 hours daily. Went home around 3-4 even 5am on weekends. I mopped the floors, bartended, lifted up cases of beers,ect. I did that till the night before ML came out to the world!

I worked hard, I worked at crazy hours, I ignored my body for telling me needed some rest. I worked as if I wasn't pregnant.For me, the pregnancy wouldn't make me stop from doing anything. I even flew back to my country, visiting my beloved family, painting some rooms there, climbing the ladders, doing this and that. Even Papi was scared to death to see me doing those things. He said one day," Remember,you're pregnant! Don't do too much stuff. Be careful! " .. Ups.... I totally FORGOT!

Then, I realized that actually " there're lots of things could cause me loose the baby",  " there're lots of things I could've got injured, hurted ". I ignored all these signs.

Was I ignorant ? Yes, I guess I was. I thought it'll be fine. I could handle it. Thank God, yes, Thank God for HIM giving me the strength that I could survive till the day our lil one was born.

Some women are not lucky. Even they had taken care of themselves, still the baby didn't come out at the full term. Some women lost before 1st semester, some women lost closer to the due dates.  And, to see these tears drop from the eyes, the loose one, the left behind one, really touches me.

They are not given a chance to raise the baby, they're not given a chance to hold the baby, not a chance to be showing the love they have.

Too many questions " WHY ". I don't know why,I am still looking for the answer of WHY. Anybody knows WHY ? 

Instead of asking why,blaming something,down in deep sorrow, let's us pray for these women. And to appriciate what we have, we must be thankful for we're given a chance to have, we're trusted to take care of God's child.

Be thankful for what we have, ALWAYS. Remember..... " Hope Never Dies ". 

God says it's not the time yet, still He'll give the best at the right time. He always gives THE BEST to His child.

Never gives up the hope. It's there, and always be there!  

Always be thankful for what we have yet others don't. Do not forget that!



  1. good blog. I like it. I think i'm in the group of woman who was easily got pregnant after 1.5 months marriage but now i'm working for my 2nd one..and seems not much of luck..hehe..just keep faith for women out there who really want baby so much.

  2. Lucky you! Let's keep praying for women. Anyway, Happy Intl Women's Day!