Thursday, November 8, 2007

NOv 7th : MeiLee's Meeting Aunt Shannon n Vanessa & Shopping Time

I had a dinner appoinment with Shannon n Vanessa ( my karaoke customers ) on Wed nite at La Rosa's at 6pm. Shannon invited us to have dinner there. She's the manager at La Rosa's.

I told Ronnie abt the invitation and planned to meet him there at 6 pm.
Earlier,I cooked Black Chicken Herb for my late lunch. MeiLee's sleeping in her crib while I was cooking ( good girlllllllllll ).

I cleaned up and covered MeiLee with thick clothes and drove to the bar.Vanessa had waited for me. I saw Ronnie's car at the parking lot. I called Ronnie and we drove to La Rosa's . He left his car at the bar. Vanessa had left and kept one table for us.

Shannon and Vanessa wanted to see the baby,that's why we brought MeiLee last nite to show them. Vanessa was surprised to see her. She said," Oh my goshh... she's so tiny and beautiful." ha ha ha ha.

Shannon was excited. She held the baby. Ronnie teased them asked if they're ready for a baby. Vanessa and Shannon said," NOT YET ". Ha ha ha ha.

Vanessa didn't wanna hold MeiLee earlier. She's afraid cos MeiLee's so light. She's nervous,she said. But, Ronnie made her. I could see her face... nervous and afraid. Ha ha ha ha . Poor Vanessa.

Shannon brought MeiLee's milk. I had her heated her bottle. Ronnie put her on the table. ha ha ha ha. I wanted to hold her,but Ronnie rather kept her.

As the food came, Ronnie still kept MeiLee. ^_____^

Ronnie played with MeiLee and pulled down her hat. Goshhh.. she couldn't see anything. Ha ha ha ha .

We're abt ready to pay,but the waiter said that Shannon took care of us. Oh myyyyyyyyy.......... Shannon didn't let us pay. I insisted her to accept the payment. I pulled her hand and chased her waiter. But he came and said," I am sorry,but Shannon said no. I can't do anything." Oh... Shannon's so good.

Thanks a lot, Shannon!!! God bless you!!! It's a wonderful meal!!! Ronnie,me and Vanessa enjoyed it. :D

Then, we drove to Target. I wanted to buy some stuff, plus a friend had me look for a toy for her daughter in MI. I got it and bought for her and bought other stuff for MeiLee.

this time, MeiLee was put on the cart seat.It's so funny, she looks like a doll. hahahahahaha.
Ronnie thought she still slides down, and change her position up side down. hahahahahaha.

Later, he put MeiLee inside of the cart.I laughed!!! Ronnie said," this is the best way." kakakakaka.

I should have brought more milk when I went out.MeiLee's hungry again. Ronnie suggests me to do that next time.

Ronnie stopped at the bar,stayed there for a couple hours,meanwhile I drove back home and breasfed MeiLee.

What a wonderful nite!!!!


  1. makan yang banyak bu.. buat nguatin badan:)

  2. terlalu banyak makan,malah . 127 lbs skrg.

  3. Duuuuuuuuuu kelihatannya uenaaaak banget nich kuenya..............

  4. Yummm lupa anak deh kalo gini hihihi.

  5. Bapaknya nyabotase anak, emaknya gak diksh gendong, ya udh.. cheese cake aja yg diembat. ha ha ha ha

  6. aih itu krupuk kedele ya? beli dimana Mei?

  7. Mei Lee lagi mikir...mmm..makan lagi ngga ya? hehehe

  8. dapat dari temen wkt itu,Ko.Malah lupa siapa yg ksh :D . Mau ya ?

  9. Aghhh.. MeiLee minumnya bs sampe 8-10x nih.