Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Nov 6th : MeiLee : Moments with Mommy n Grandma

I was spending time downstairs with grandma.Grandma gave me some exercises.

It's really cold here. Thank God Grandma put on long sleeves for me. I feel warm.

Grandma bought some batteries and put them on the swing. She put me into the swing .It's cool.. It has some lights and music.Swing...swing...swing.....

I think I like sleeping on Mommy's chest. I cried. Grandma gave me pacifier. Mommy said," Grandma,no pacifier,please. Her daddy don't like it." Grandma said,"'s fine. But,I hear you." Then Mommy pulled the pacifier out and let breasfed me. he he he he he. She breasfeeding me before I fell asleep again.


  1. Meilee kepalanya udah kuat yah... ♥ GBU ♥

  2. ditraining tiap hari,Mi. Udh bisa angkat kepala sendiri kalo diajak main begitu.