Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nov 10th : International Baby Shower ( MeiLee & Judith ) @MOG

Yay!!!!Another baby shower was held by Women Ministry from church, Montgomery Assembly of God.

I was told by Anne Mary 2 weeks earlier they wanna throw a baby shower for me and other lady, Angeline. I told her I had already.But she said," We throw a baby shower for the family who has the 1st baby." That's sweet.....

I offered Anne Mary to cook for the baby shower,but she asked not to bother. I wanted !! ^____^

I cooked Rendang, Lumpia and Lychee Pudding. Ronnie dropped me to the church. Mom gets cold since yesterday,and she didn't wanna us have it.

Dece and Rini came to the baby shower. Rini just came back from Indonesia. I was glad she called me when we're on the way to church. I invited her to come for lunch .

Angeline came with her baby, Judith Ivania.She's 2 weeks earlier too,she said. She was younger than MeiLee. Such a cute baby ^____^.

We had lunch, a few games and then unwrapped the presents. Oh my!!!! We got tons of presents!!!!

When I saw the red - white flag, I screamed,' That's my flag!!!!' . I didn't realize it's the national flag. ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Anne Mary said," this is the intl baby shower we have. We have Indonesian and Indian here." ha ha ha ha ha. The 1st intl baby shower :D

We had wonderful party. Everbody enjoyed it. I myself so blessed with all the stuff. I need to go back to Target and return the stuff I bought already. ^___^.

Carrie said she liked the Rendang, esp. her husband. I let her take home some and gave the rest to Dece.

I called Ronnie and had him pick us home. Lois accompied me till Ronnie came. MeiLee had a pee and I changed her on top of a table. he he he he.

Ronnie came and we went to Bob Evans to have dinner. MeiLee slept well.Ronnie gave her a bottle of milk and we enjoyed the dinner. I was soooooooooo full.. I was sooooooooooooo in painnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, too. The stitches still hurt, worse this time.

I gotta find another doctor!!! if it keeps happening like this, I can't stand..........

We're home abt 7.30 pm.Mom came home from the bar at 8 pm. She played with MeiLee and put on a sleeper...

What a long day!! What a wonderful day!!! What a blessing day!!!!

Thank you ladies for the lovely baby shower... Words can't say how much we appreciate what you've done to us. May God bless your hearts.

Love you.. love you.. love you...

Congratulations to James n Angeline for beautiful baby, Judith Ivania.

Soon you and MeiLee will wear the twins outfits.. Ha ha ha ha ha. They have some same outfits. I tease Angeline by saying, " I'll call you tomorrow to ask what outfit Judith will have,so MeiLee will wear the same one,too." ha ha ha ha ha.

God Bless You all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pssssttttt.... MeiLee's 1 month old now. So, it's kinda like celebrating her 1 month old altogether with the baby shower too. ^__^.


  1. tak terasa Meilee dah 1 bulan ya.... selamat buat mei... ronnie and meilee too.. duh tambah montok ya.... moga2 meilee bisa jadi anak cantik.. pinter dan sayang sama orang tua :)

  2. so blessed they did this to us,Myen. Banyak berkat ^___^. MeiLee gak perlu beli baju sampe 1-2 thn ke dpn. ^___^

  3. yup, 1 bln. Gak terasa. Makin gede,makin sehat,makin montok. Makin2 aja deh semuanya. ^___^.Makasih,Myen. GBU!!!

  4. banyak banget hadiahnya....
    berkah banget tuh say...

  5. Walah sampe disiapin 'singgasana' hehehehe

  6. wiiw.rejekinya MeiLee ya banyak yg kasih hadiah...banyak yg sayang berarti Mei :p

  7. Mei, MeiLee banyak rezeki nya .....
    seru banget yah baby shower nya .... gabung sama teman yg satu nya lagi ... :)

  8. Puji Tuhan,Mbak. Gak perlu beli2 lagi sampe 1-2 thn ke dpn :D

  9. Iya,kaget wkt nyampe.Gak ngeh kalo ada bendera juga. Ha ha ha ha

  10. berkat melimpah buat si kecil :D . Amiennnnnnnnn

  11. 20 bucks,honey. It's enough to buy diapers ^__^

  12. Banyak rejeki.Udh 1 bln,msh juga ada yg ksh hadiah.Emaknya saving money . he he he he. Temen satu lagi org India, anak 2 skrg. Baju2nya ada bbrp yg sama . New twins nih mrk . ha ha ha ha

  13. Iya.da. bingung mo disimpan ke mana.Hadiah2 yg kmrn aja msh di living room. Not enough space. ha ha ha ha

  14. duh elu jadi terbiasa ya ngurusin bayi :)

  15. Udh biasa,Jen.Dulu anak Iie n iparnya msh merah,umur 1 bln udh diksh ke Mei2,suruh jaga sampe umurnya bbrp tahun ( sekali ngurus 2 bayi!!! ). Pusinggggggggggg.. ha ha ha ha.Skrg anaknya udh kelas 6 SD.