Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sept 12th : Zum Geburtstag viel Glück,Mom!!!!

Yippe!!!! That date was Mom's bday. Fortunately it was our off nite. Ronnie changed the off nite from Thurs to Wed.

So,it was a perfect moment for us to celebrate it. I texted Ronnie and reminded him abt Mom's bday. Ronnie replied, " Tell her, I'll cover her. "

Oh well.. Mom came with the idea having family dinner at that nite. I told her, Ronnie would take care of it.

Ronnie waited for us at Northgate Mall ( since I told him dinner would be at 6 pm @ Olive Garden ). But,Mom did do some errands, so we delayed it till 7 pm then 7.30 pm.

Ronnie had reserved the table for us. While waiting for the table, Ronnie handed Mom a bag. Wahh... it's a bday gift!!! I was surprised, Ronnie did take care of it. ^___^. He bought a card and wrote down, " From Ronnie & Mei - Mei ." ^_____^

Mom's excited. She got a parfume!!!! We walked into the resto,and she sprayed some. She ordered Margarita for her drink ( sejak bantu2 di bar,Mom jadi punya minuman fave besides Washington Apple ) :D

Alas, I didn't eat all the food. Had stomachache, didn't feel like wanna eat it at all. ( halahhhh...memang gak demen makanan bule nih org ) :P

Just only a few spoons, I was done ( again... and againnnnnnnn ).
Coba kalo dibawa jajan ke kaki lima, langsung angkat kaki secepat mungkin. Hi hi hi hi hi.

We went home,meanwhile Mom dropped some food for Dave to the bar. The rest of the nite ??? Ronnie played game and I went to bed.. Ngorokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :D

Happy bday,Mom!!! Tuhan berkati yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... Muachhhhhhh

* My fam called on Sept 15th to greet Mom. I gave them wrong date. Aduh,sorry bangetttt *. :D


  1. waduh
    t bone ah makan ini ntarmalam...

  2. gluck... t-bone nya look very delicious...

  3. Aduh,Mbak...gmn sih caranya biar selera makan makanan bule ? * he he he he * . Selamat masak yaaaaaaaaaa... :D

  4. Gak kyk kerang di Indo, Myen. Begitu liat makanannya,baru sadar kalo kmrn2 pernah order, tapi gak terlalu suka. Sampe skrg msh ada di kulkas ( bsk mo diksh ke guguk aja ).

  5. Favenya Ronnie. Selalu minta, " pinky medium ". Demen banget juicy2.

  6. Happy B- Day umtuk mamanya ya....,and i hope you get well soon.......