Friday, September 21, 2007

Aug 30th : Departed to US ( Meeting Lina, MPer )

Depearted from Medan at 8.40pm, arrived in SIN at 11 pm. Called my family and Ronnie immediately. Telling him," I don't wanna go back to States. Let me go back home to Medan . " He screamt there, he said," That's not fair, hun.I've been waiting for you dying here. Please come home. " :D

I called Lina , Mper who lives in SIN. We arranged a plan to meet the next day.She said she'd be at the airport around 12 noon. Ok then.

I checked into the Transit Hotel at 12.30 am and then bought some meals ( ughhh... BK in SIN didn't taste good , or maybe it's only me ???? ).

Went to bed abt 2.30am ( yeahhh wayyyyyyyyyyy too late ). I just only had a couple hours sleeping.By the time alarm was on, I had to get up and still sleepy. Took a shower, cleaned up and packed my stuff again.

Waiting for Lina around 12 noon, I walked around,bought bfast.Goshh... I was still tired and sleepy, fell asleep at the lounge. I suddenly got up and sought for phn booth.

Lina said she'd been waiting for me abt 30 mnts ago.She's at the airport. Alamak!!!!!!!! Sorry banget, Lin.

After asking the immigration, I was allowed to walk out. Lina and her 2 lovely kids were waiting for me ( Cally & Cleon ).

Lina treated me for lunch at Thai Resto. We had awesome food ( Duh.. baru ini nih kenyang makannya, after all.. menderita banget di pesawat, muntah2 terussssssssssss tiap 5-10 mnt.Mo pingsan rasanya,badan sakit,kaki bengkak,perut sakit,makan cuma 2-3 suap, udh gak sanggup makan lagi.Mo give up rasanya minta dilemparkan langsung ke Cincy ) :(

The kids played around. Bet the waitresses were kinda annoyed cos the kids messed around. ha ha ha ha ha ha. Lina gave me Dodol Durian, Kue Bulan & Bee Cheng Hiang ( Dendeng Bak ).Enak bangetttttttttttttttttttt.... Xie xie ni, Lina.

Then, Lina took me to have Ice Cream. It tasted so good.. The kids and I played around. They're lovely and nice kids. Easy going - kids. Missing them now!!!!

After spending time with Lina and the kids, I checked in back and waited till 5pm to catch the next flight. Thank God I had a room and spent a couple hours with Lina, otherwise didn't know what to do from 8 am - 5 pm in the airport!!!!!!!!!

Checked into the flight,my suffer was started. I couldn't eat at alllllllllll.. Hiks.....menderita ....menderita....menderita....... Just smelt the food had made me puke!!! I had to go to the lavatory many times. I sat next to the kitchen. Goshhhhhhh.........

1-2 spoons and then I was done. Habis,gmn ?? gak enak sih :( I asked whether they had steamed rice ( so I could eat the Dendeng Bak ),but alas,they didn't have.

The trip this was very long for me. I couldn't sleep at all, keep looking at my watch when I'd be home. Duhhh lama benerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..........

In HK, I thought I lost my cam. I was so panicked and reported it to one officer. He came back and said," the Immigration people they didn't see it there. " Duh....

I remembered I stopped and sat at the waiting lounge. I came back there and saw my cam!!!!!! OMG!!!! It's sitting there next to Indian couple. Thank God!!!!!!!!!!! I thought I had lost it!!!! I wouldn't forgive myself forever if I lost it ( lots of pics of my family there!!! ). :D

In SFO, I bought some food. Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't like it,but had to eat something at least. Called Ronnie and asked him to pick me on Sat morning ( I was wrong, I told him before to pick me on Sun morning ).

When I was done making a phn call,there's a lady asked how I used the phn booth. She wanted to call her godfather. I offered her using my phn card. Her name was Celina, Guamnese lady.She'd fly to Florida meeting her family. We chit chat and I gave her information to buy phn card. I haven't sent her any emails yet ( later.......)

4.5 hours flying from SFO - CVG really made me nervous. Couldn't wait to see Ronnie again!!! ^____^

Finally I arrived abt 7.40 am. Aghhh.....Lovely Cincinnati was seen from the air !!! Ready to pick up my stuff and meet Ronnie. :P

Finally... back to Cincinnati,safely.... Thank you,Lord.

Thank you, Lina, for your hospitality. I do appreciate it so much.May God bless you and the family.


  1. Ada magnum...naik pesawat apa Mei?

  2. naik SQ, Wi. Cuma ice creamnya doank yg bisa Mei2 makan.Lain2nya dikembaliin ke pramugari. Bener2 gak enak makanan di pesawat ( eh,krn lidah kampung kali ?? ) :P

  3. Mei, sempet2nya motretin makanan di pesawat, kalau gw sih udah telen aja.... walau tanpa dinikmatin, yg penting perut keisi, sebel yah kalau jalan jauh gitu, kasihan My Funny Girl ♥

  4. wahhh maunya sih bgt,Mi.Tapi ini udh maksa banget,ttp aja gak bisa. Udh lemes banget di pesawat kmrn itu. Dlm hati," pasrah dah, pingsan di sini, pingsan aja. ", tapi gak jadi2. he he he he

  5. mei, ini bagian dalam hotel transitnya ya?lumayan complete.

  6. lumayan juga makanan di SQ ya mei. Coba kalo bisa makan, pasti habis diembat...hahaha...:)

  7. Mei, xie xie nya dah hampir 20x tuh. jangan lagi .. :P syukur have a nice day. But,anyway, nice to meet you too. :)

  8. Iya,Lin.Pagi2 minum teh hangat. Tapi rada buru2 wkt itu.

  9. Kalo ....... ini sayangnya sama sekali gak bisa makan.Cium baunya aja udh eneg, muntah mulu.

  10. Dendengnya msh ada, Lin. ^__^. Nice meeting you,too.Salam kangen buat anak2 ya. Muachhhhhhh

  11. namanya aja ibu hamil, apalagi symptomnya kayak ngidam sepanjang kehamilan. jadi yah, muntah melulu. ada teman gw yang hamil, dari mulai sampai melahirkan muntah terus sampe harus diinfus di rumkit. jadi, yah, mei masih mendingan.. bisa kemana mana...:) anyway, tenang aja, waktunya dah dekat kan? jadi paling banter yah tinggal susahnya sebulan doang. sabar ya mei... take care...:)

  12. Argh.h..h.h I remember those the plane...boring.....

  13. Yeah.I wish I could've skipped the distance and be home within 1 sec. Ha ha ha ha