Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Aug : Meeting Old Friends

Daaaaaaa................. been busy with my family and I forgot to spend lil time to meet old friends. :(

I asked Bi Inten to bring her youngest son to meet me at home.When he's born, I gave him name, Fitrianto Kusuma Putra. Bahhh!!!! Sejak kapan jadi expert ksh nama anak org ? He he he he he. She took it!!!!

Now,the boy is abt 6 yrs old.Of course he didn't recognize me.But,it's amazing to see how big he's now. I left him when he was a baby. ^___^

The boy always smiles all the time. He got a happy face ^___^.
Then, in the evening, I called Kak Eva Manurung ( she's my ex roommate when we're in college,Medan ). Gosh... she got 3 kids now!!!!!!!!!!! * Tokcer banget,bu * :P

She married a cop and moved to Siantar ( thank God....they used to live some places and hard to meet her ). She's a very nice lady, like a sister to me. We've known one each other for years and even had met her family ( I brought lots of durians when I visited her family years ago, and stayed overnite there ). :D

After she left, Cie Beby called Mion ( my old buddy ). She said," Hey,Mion... you still wanna meet Mei - Mei ?? She's leaving tomorrow.This is your last chance to meet her." He's surprised and said," Are you kidding me???? I'll come rite away."

I felt so bad,since Mion had called me from the very 1st day I came. I was really busy, just only could talk to him by phone ( Guess what?? His house just only 2 blocks from ours ). Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I met him once when I picked up Ching2 from course,but we didn't talk a lot. I asked him to call me . He he he he he. ( nakal bener ya ,padahal udh ketemuan di muka rumah dia,tapi ttp aja ngeyel,maunya plg ke rmh,malas ngobrol ) :D

Well.. he came finally when it's really thick raining ( duh,Mion...thank you,udah bela2in ujan derasnya minta ampun,kyk badai,dikau sempetin main ke rmh,mana mati lampu lagi ) ^___^

Fortunately we had made some chips early that morning,so we had something to munch. Meanwhile Papi n Mami went to other family's house ( duhhhhhhhhh.... suami sepupu papi ninggal!!!!!!!!! Banyak banget yg ninggal di Indo ).

Chit chat with Mion was nice.I knew him when we're kids ( Cinta monyet,kata org ). ha ha ha ha ha ha. Juragan emas. :D

Gak jodoh sih ya. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

He's surprised knowing I am pregant.Before he left,he said," That's supposed to be my baby. " ha ha ha ha ha. Aduh, Ronnieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... tulungggggggggggggggggggggg.. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Seems he still has a crush on me ( padahal gak ada cerita apa2 lagi di balik itu ).Well, cuma dari jaman SMP sampe sblm nikah msh ngejar2. hi hi hi hi.

He thought we had dated when we're in college ( gak lah ahhh... cuma temen doank, krn diajak nonton Titanic wkt itu ). Missunderstanding kyknya . :D

Anyway, he'll get married next year. Hopefully he'd be happy. I myself really happy with Ronnie ^___^ .


  1. wah Mei, rame yah...keluarga besar =)

  2. ini temen roommate dulu, Ren.Anaknya udh 3, 2 anak gadis itu sepupu suaminya ( sekalian babysitter ). Ha ha ha

  3. Mei ngerasa tua engga, begitu lihat teman lama buntutnya 3 dan besar2 lageee.... &Hearts;

  4. neh anak kecilnya sering sakit2an sejak anda kasih nama itu... :D

  5. Doi tamat kuliah langsung tenda biru,Mi. ^___^. Gelar Ir nya kesimpan tuh sampe skrg.

  6. Tau ah.. ha ha ha ha ha. Juragan mas nih co.Namanya aja Million Bangun. ^___^. Emasnya sih kita mau ( duhhh...kemarukkkkkkk )

  7. Diganti jadi Nasib, kan ? Ha ha ha ha.Tetap aja nama panggilannya Suma. Suruh si Bibi jangan ganti2 lagi ya. :D