Thursday, September 6, 2007

Aug 14th : Happy Bday,Kak Mida!!!!

Aug 14th was Kak Mida's bday. She's my eldest uncle's daughter ( Papi's niece ). She lived with us when she's a kid till she got married.

Glad to attend her bday again ( after years I was gone ).

We texted her the day she got bday and said," Kak, Happy Bday.We wanna have dinner there tonite.If you need help,Bou Norma will help you cook some food." He he he he he.

I went to dentist with Amoy at 4 pm.Mami kept calling us to come back and attend the bday. It took 3 hours !! ( gosh.. the dentist was so slow ). Thank God they still left us some food.

Happy bday,kak Mida. God bless you and your family.


  1. wah bu hamil dapt berapa potong nih hehehehe
    GB your preganancy Mei!!

  2. 2 ptg doank. ^__^.

    Duh,Yul, ini belly makin hari makin sakit aja. Susah tidur :(