Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Aug 22nd : Medan Lagi ( Dentist & Jahit Seprei )

Went to Medan for a couple days, fixed my teeth,shopping to Carrefour with bro n sisters.Joe recommended me to try Roti Mum ( from Singapore, coffee flavour ). Not so bad....

then, had a quick dinner at Ayam Crispy. Wow... what a good deal, the package starts from Rp.8000 ( chicken,rice and drink!!! ).

After that,went to buy Sup Sumsum Langsa for Cie Vivie. Goodnesss..she sucks the fat from the bones. Yucks!!!!!!!!!!! ( Bawaan hamil kali ???? ) :P

The next morning had Mie Pangsit n Serabi for bfast. Joe would leave for Padang Sidempuan for 10 days. That's the last time I saw him before I left for States.

He cried for couldn't see me anymore and accompanied me to the airport.I wish I could extend my vacation,but I concerned abt the baby and the time limit doctor gave me. Took a few pics for the last time with Joe ( he tried not to cry,but he couldn't ). I love you,bro!!! Muachhhhhhhhhh

Around 10 am, we went to Pasar Ikan ( Daerah Perniagaan ),bought material for bed sheet. Then went to OB/GYN had my baby checked by 3D/4D.

Meten was so excited to see Baby Ries on the screen.He kept telling everybody,' That's Baby Ries!!! Baby Ries,Mama!! " Ha ha ha ha ha.

Around 3 pm, I went home to Siantar. Had a long day. As soon as I arrived, I saw Mami has been sewing Baby Ries' clothes. Awesome!!!!!!!

I helped Mami sew the rest. She cut the pattern for bed sheet and made baby clothes from it. ^__^

At nite, had to tuck Ching2 in at the back bedroom.She slept with Amoy.Had to make sure that she wouldn't fall down from the bed. Ha ha ha ha.


  1. Wadoh... tuh Cholesterol.... bisa tingginya seberapa tuh ♥

  2. weks... Cie Vie demennya aneh2, kyk cakar ayam. Ching2 sampe ikut2an demen makan ceker ayam. Hi hi hi hi hi

  3. Meten, mau dunk tante jeruk nya ... :)

  4. Itu roti yg di pegang ade nya ... gede jg yah, berapaan tuh satu nya hehehe ...

  5. Iya murmer banget yah ... aku pilih yg famili chix combo deh hihihi ...

  6. Pinter jahit jg yah si Mami nya ....

  7. 6000 perak per biji. Lumayan enak juga sih.

  8. iya,murah meriah. Baru kali ini blg murah. Ha ha ha ha ha

  9. Mami dari anak gadis udah menjahit.Baju2 kami dijahitin semua, even piyama.Gak pernah kekuranganlah. Ha ha ha ha ha. Seprei dan piyama sama warnanya.Hi hi hi hi hi