Thursday, October 12, 2006

No More Cats, Please

Monday nite,when we came back from Kroger, I saw a cat in the driveway.I came out from the car and said," Babe... babe... a cat!!!!!!!!" Ronnie thought it's Putty. I showed him the cat.He ran away.

Suddenly Ronnie called him, " Meow.....Meowwwwww...." duhhhh... pas banget suaranya :D

So fast,the cat turned back and headed to Ronnie. Alamakkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ronnie's petting him.He "talked" to him. Wuihhh.... Payah nih kalo udh ketemu sama kucing. Bini sampe dilupain :P

He kept petting him and he said," You wanna have a ride,cat?" I said,' NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

I asked him,"What is it ?" Ronnie said,"It's a she." Hmmmmmmmm..........

Ronnie said," Take her to Mom, hun." Weleh.. Sorry lah yaooooooo.

NO MORE CATS,pls!!!!!!!! He laughed.He said,' If Putty sees this,he's gonna be jealous." Excuse me....?? Not only Putty, but me,too!!! :P

I walked into the house and saw the cat was eating Lucky's food. Wuih.. I ceased him away.Ronnie said,"Let her eat some.Take her to Mom. "

I took her pic.I opened the door and Lucky chased her.ha ha ha ha.She ran away so fast.Soon,Putty came out and stayed outside.

Poor cat....


  1. Kabuuuuuur ...
    Happy friday and nice wkend a head of you...
    - inasanari

  2. Mati ketakutan dia dikejar sama Lucky.^____^. happy friday,too,Ina. Btw, itu saljunya ampun dah...

    Thanks sweetie, iya nich ampun dech...
    Guess winter it's here...
    - inasanari

  4. mei sama yak..laki gw suka bgt ama kucing...
    wadoh klo dah liat kucing, kaya pacaran aja deh..ngomong bedua hehehhe :)

  5. Do you?? Weks.. You are the same typical like my husband. ^___^

  6. Duhh sebel dah.Ntar ketemuin si lae sama Ronnie ya.ha ha ha.

  7. cute cat! too bad I cannot have cats, lah monchhichi and the gang mo dikemanain dong? hehehe

  8. Elu nambah kucing, rumah elu bakalan rame.Si kucing dikejar2 sama Monchichi n the gang. Ha ha ha

  9. Huh??? emang udah winter disono??? wah...disini mah masih sunny *gue msh pake short & tank top keluar rumah*

  10. Blm,Lis.Dingin aja, telinga n idung udh kyk frozen gitu.he he he. btw,thnks for the phn call last nite.I did enjoy it.