Friday, January 21, 2011

Working Extra Hours Due to Snow

What a bless! This morning I woke up, had bfast with ML and watching Dora. I grabbed my cellphone,checking just in case I missed a phone call or got sms. Yes, there's 1. It's from my supervisor. She texted, " I can't get into the Passage Point.". Oo... she didn't know my password. I checked the text, it's 8.01am. Meanwhile when I read it was 8.34am.

I called her to my desk and said," The password is in the blue book." She said," I got it.Thanks."

I wondered why she sat there. I assumed Lynn must have been late.Usually Lynn sits at my desk on Fridays.She said," Lynn couldn't make it today. I am sitting here."

Then she asked," Do you wanna work today,Mei-Mei?" I said," I could!" She said," Well, then come here."

I said I needed to drop ML first at Mom's. She's OK with that.

So, I left home by 8.54am, and got work at 9.27am. The traffic was so slow, since we had big snow last nite, up to 6 inches!

Thank God, I made it safe. Now, I'm working extra hours today and make extra money. Thank you, Lord :D

When I got at work, supervisor said that Lynn was trying to go to work, but she had her go back home.

For me, the snow is not that bad today. Yesterday was worse.

Supervisor said, " There're many excuses for people not to go to work.The snow is not that bad anyway. Oh well.."

Oh well.. I guess it's my blessing be able to have extra hours

God is good.. all the time! Another way to bless me


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