Monday, January 24, 2011

Hujan Berkat

What can I say ? Lord keeps blessing us wonderfully.

Last weekend, got a phn call from my friend's husband.He asked what we'd do that evening. I said we didn't have any plans. Actually, I had boiled chicken for dinner. I thought they'd love to join us, but he said," Would you like to join us this evening,please? We'd like to give Rini ( his wife ) a bday surprise. We'll ride a LIMO to Downtown then have dinner there."

I told him," I will let you know. Ronnie just took his car to auto shop, he hit something yesterday and is being repaired."

I asked Ronnie about the invitation. He said," Let's take the car first,and we'll talk."

So,we took his car and it drove OK. So, we decided to go and I called David. I said we'd be there by 5.30pm.

When we got there, we saw the limo on the other side. As we walked in, Rini was surprised! She looked confused. She asked me how we knew about her bday. I didn't tell her

Still, with thousand questions in her mind, we rode the Limo to Downtown Cincinnati.

There, we had fine dining at Palomino resto, facing to Fountain Square and the ice skating rink.

It's lovely night, lovely dinner, lovely moments. Then, the limo took us to the hill. There, we could see the top of Cincinnati. IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Beauty of Cincy!

We didn't stay that long,and drove back to Union,KY.

We chitted chatted for awhile,and drove back home.

At home, I couldn't stop thanking God for His blessings. I told Ronnie,"  I couldn't believe we did that." LOL

He said," That's a very nice evening. I enjoyed it."

I went to bed with questions, but yet, went to bed and smiling and I said to Ronnie," I'm gonna dream about the limo again." Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Thank you,Lord, for the lovely blessing. And of course, we thank The Lee's  who's been so generously inviting us and treated us for dinner



  1. ha ha ha ha. Alo,da... boa kabar i san ? Kejauhan, nanti ngos2an limonya.ha ha ha ha ha