Monday, January 10, 2011

All about MeiLee's Silliness :D

My goodness.... My lil one just turned 3 years old last Oct. She has some vocabs that I never taught her how to say.. I bet she got it from her grandma, since she spends during the day with her grandma during weekdays.

One day, I took her to the bathroom * anyway, she's diaper free now,still leaks now and then*. I sat her on the toilet. I gave her a wet tissue

Me : " Ok, time to wipe."

ML : " Wipe my BUCKET".

Me : " Huh??? what is that?"


Me : *confused and looked at Ronnie*

He smiled and nodded his head.

Ronnie : " That must be " Butt." .I think Mom teaches her how to say it politely."


The other day, on the way to church, me and Ronnie were debating about something.Of course, our voices kinda " loud "

ML : " Guys... guys.. calm down!"

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


Another trip,we're talking about something else.

Ronnie : " I don't know if we can make it or not.'
Me : " I don't know either. We'll see."

All a sudden a voice said : " I KNOW!"

It's ML who responded us from the back seat.


It's bedtime. Putting ML in our bedroom, watching cartoon a lil bit.

Me : " Good nite,ML. Let Mommy hold your hand,please."

ML: " Don't touch " mine" hand."

Me : " Gee.... what about a kiss ? Mommy needs a kiss."

ML : " No kiss...1 HUG...just 1 HUG. "

Me : " Oh no...that's not nice."

ML : " Come here... Hugggg...kiss my cheek. Good nite,Mommy. You go sleep" * pushed my head to the pillow*


Took ML to a park last year, and saw this giant dog.

ML : " Oh my...oh my...oh my...."


ML : " Mommy, I need some chocolate milk."

Me : " Tell Mommy, you love Mommy."


Me : " Well, sorry.. no choco milk then."

ML : " Mommy, please... pretty please..."

Me : " Then say it."

ML : " I love Mommy."

Me : " Good girl. Here's your choco milk"

ML got a cup of choco milk, and she said," I LOVE DADDY" and ran away!


ML : " Mommy can't drive.Daddy drives."

Me : " What do you mean ?"

ML : " Mommy can't drive. Daddy drives. Gimme keys"

She runs to the car, blocking me from going to the driver seat!.She don't trust the way I drive, I guess. Ha ha ha ha ha

This girl is for sure the " joy and laughter " in our lives.

At night, I keep kissing her face all over and thanking God how precious girl He had given to us.



  1. Happy birthday MeiLie! Wah lama gak liat!

  2. Alo Mbak Theresa, pa kabar ?????? I'm back :D

    Iya nih, ML udh 3 thn. Nanti deh Mei2 posting foto2nya :D

  3. Tidak berasa ya ponakanku udah 3 tahun apa kabar nih aku udah lama tdk main MP keasyikan main FB :)

  4. Alo kembaran, pa kabar ? :D . Skrg malah kebalik, FB agak2 diabandoned dulu, balik ke MP skrg. Lbh puas nulis2 di MP :D

  5. ahahah iya ini mau mulai nulis lagi tapi kebanyakan main game aku :)

  6. ha ha ha ha. Main game apa ??? Farmville di FB ? Mei2 gak pernah main game di situ, memang gak suka aja

  7. Weh Mei ngilang di FB aktif di MP toh ! Jd inti nya ngga bisa jauh2 dari kompi ya ha..ha..ha..

  8. Iya nih, lbh enak di MP kalo ngeblog, puas nulisnya. Kalo di FB dibatasin 425 letters doank :D