Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Devil" in the Morning

Early in the morning, I was " tested ". A lady came to my desk and asked for " COFFEE CUP ".  I told her that employees have their own cups here.No more " free coffee cups" available.

She was really mad at me,and said " THIS IS CRAZY". Sorry.... I'm not a " COFFEE CUP POLICE".

She talked to another guy and kept saying" CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY". I wonder who's crazy.Because right by the coffee machine it clearly says " Coffee is for EMPLOYEE only."

Definetely, she's not employee from my building, and she should've READ it ( if she could read ).

And, there's no signs that says " Mei-Mei KEEPS the Coffee Cups".

I feel sorry for you, lady. Ruining your morning for being a "devil" and yelled at someone.

I won't even let anybody ruin my beautiful day,where I can see more nice,lovely smiling and lots of " HIs" from lots of people


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