Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Living Testimony : The Heart of Stewardship


It was started in the beginning of this year. I am longing for God’s love. I didn’t spend much time like I used to before.


The pastor’s preachings also strengthens me. He’s been talking about the heart of stewardship. How some people in the Bible DID listen to God, did what God wanted them to do,and God poured them blessings miraculously.


When I heard about these “ magic” happened, I was asking myself, “ When would I experience that WONDEROUS, FANTASTIC, AWESOME, AMAZING thing ? “  I was assuming only certain people would experience it, I will never. I was dreaming!


Sunday, Jan 9th’11


The pastor was talking about TITHE. Yes, we do give tithe, every week.But,this time was interesting and changed my life!


Pastor was talking about “ giving 1/10 from everything you have”. Yes, I did that before, yes I was blessed. But, I stopped doing it,since the economy was bad, we have a baby, I went home for my Dad’s funeral, we bought a house, pay bills, and it’s not enough, sometimes we have to take the money from the savings.


I was challenged.God says,” Test me! I will open the windows of blessing and give you more.” I had prepared my tithe with 20 bucks. When God spoke strongly about giving more and “ testing”, I grabbed my checkbook,and wrote down another amount, $ 100.00.


As I put the check in the envelope, I was trembling. I said,” God, You know what we need. You know our condition.I am giving you more,and I would love to do that.Forgive me for not giving more last couple years. As You said,” TEST ME “, no,God, “ TEST ME,GOD…TEST ME.” Test me to go through these weeks. Test me how to live by faith.I know You will provide.”  Me and Ronnie walked to the altar and dropped the envelope.


When we went home, I was getting ready to cook for lunch. Ronnie said,” I want to go to Home Depot, need to buy something.”  Then I turned back and said,” Ron, I think you’ll be mad at me.” He asked me why. I told him, “ I wrote down another check for the tithe. I gave 1/10 this time. I’m sorry.”


Out of my expectation, he said,” I knew you did that. I saw you wrote 100 bucks. It’s ok. It’s for God. I’m not mad. But, I want to tell you this : don’t be mad if within 2 weeks we don’t have enough to pay  or buy this or that.Because we know how much we have now.”


I said to myself,” God will provide. God will provide.” This sentence that Ronnie keeps telling me and strengthen me if I am down thinking about money.




Monday, Jan 10th’11


I remembered Ronnie asked me to take my car to auto shop, since the steer is not right.It don’t drive straight, instead it will lead the car aside to the left.


I called CarX and asked if they would do free check and estimate,the guy who answered me said “ yes “. So, I was planning to go there and printed a coupon * just in case I needed an alligment only, but I forgot to pick up the coupon from the copy machine*


I picked up MeiLee after work from Mom’s house.She handed me another auto shop’s coupon. I told her I would go to CarX for free charge, meanwhile the one she referred would charge me 20 bucks.


Off I went….. sat in the lobby and waited. A young man,around 30’s walked in with winter hat, he had a bag of food on his hand. He dropped it into the “ Food Bank” tub. He told the mechanic he needed oil changed. The mechanic as if the stuff he brought was for Food Bank or trash. He said,” It’s a trash.” The mechanic said,” Oh,I’m sorry.That tub is for the Food Bank.The trash is over there.” The young man immediately said sorry and moved the “ food bag “ to the “ trash can”.


He sat down, and said “ Hi” to me. I said “ hi “ back. MeiLee was busy roaming around and said “ Ice skating.. MeiLee’s playing ice skating “ many times. I asked her to be quiet. He  looked at MeiLee and asked me,” She’s cute. How old is she? “ I said,” Thank you. She’s 3.”


He said,” I have 15mo.A boy.” I said,” Oh, enjoy when he’s still a baby. At that age, you can do anything to him. Once he reaches this age ( 3 ), he’ll say NO to you.” He laughed,and said,” It’s true!”


He said,” My son’s name is IMMANUEL RAIN. IMMANUEL.” I said,” That’s a BEAUTIFUL name. Immanuel -  God is with us “. I asked him,” Sorry, are you Christian ?” He said,” Yes, Maam. I am a believer. I’m a Christian. I’m God’s child.” Oh.. I was so happy! I met someone that believes in God,too. And the more important thing,we’re talking about the same God, we’re talking about faith, blessings ect.


I forgot how it happened, but I was talking about my resolution in 2011. I was trying to reduce my time in FB-ing, trying to loose weight, and more important is to be closer to God. I was longing for God. I was trying to live by faith. He agreed with me, he said “ Faith without Action is NOTHING.”


So, we’re talking and talking. I was telling him about Pastor Cortnell’s testimony, how a lady wrote him down a check and handed him without buying a car for her grandson ( which that’s her purpose to come to Toyota dealer to buy a car ). God used this lady to be a blessing to Pastor Cortnell.


He laughed and said,” See ? You can’t tell how God works.He works amazingly, as long as we trust in Him.”


After we’re talking, the mechanic came in and told me that he had done checked my car. He showed me the lists that I needed to do :


  1. Need new tires, since the old ones are really bad.They could blow anytime soon.He wouldn’t drive if it was his car ( I was scared to hear that! ) . The new tires costs 370’s bucks.He hadn’t those that nite, but he could get them by tomorrow ( double scared to hear the price! )
  2. Need to replace the radiator, it leaks so bad. Cost extra money
  3. Protection plan cost 10 bucks
  4. Need alligmant cost 68 bucks.
  5. So, total for these replacement is $521.00
  6. Plus, need to replace water pump, which cost extra 500-700 bucks. WOW!!!


I asked him if I could only do the alligment. He said,” it’s useless, Maam.”  I was weak L . I thought it’s a piece of cake.

I said to him, “ Can I just take this list with me and talk to my husband about that ?” He said,” Oh yes, sure “* which I forgot to take it with me later*


I turned back and grabbed my purse. This young man who still sat across me, saying,” So, it costs 521 bucks “. I looked at him and said,” Yes “ L


He asked,” So, what do you do ? Are you going somewhere else ? What you wanna do ?”

I looked at him and said,” I don’t go anywhere.I’m going home. Let’s go, MeiLee.”


The mechanic asked me,” Do you live around here,Maam?” I said,” yes, couple blocks from here.” He said,” Be careful, Maam. Cos I won’t drive this tomorrow,esp. snow.It’s bad.” I said,” Thanks”.


I grabbed MeiLee’s hand and walked to the door. All a sudden, I saw this young man stood up next to me. He said,” Maam, take this with you, please.”


He pushed his hand toward me.MONEY! I was really surprised! I looked at him and said, “NO!NO!NO! Thank you.” I walked away. He said,” Maam,please. This might help a lil bit. Say hi to your husband.”

I looked at him and said,” I’m sorry, I can’t accept it.I am really sorry.” He said,” Please.We’ve been talking about faith and blessings earlier.This is a blessing. Please accept this.”


I kept saying NO and thank you to him. I was standing, looking for the mechanic to return my key. Not long after that, another mechanic came in and said,” Dominic?” He said,” Yes, Sir.” The mechanic said that he had changed his oil,it’s done.


Later, my mechanic appeared from the other door and said,” All good, Maam. Your key is in the car.” He had pulled my car in front of the shop. Oh.. that’s great.


So, I turned back and saw this “ Dominic” guy’s till talking to his mechanic,I took a chance to walk away quickly.


Then, I heard he said,” Excuse me,sir.I’ll be back.” He CHASED me to the door!

He said,” Maam… Maam.. please, accept this. This will help you a lil bit.Please.”


I said “ NO” to him. I even was embaressed since someone heard about my car problem and how much it cost. He said,” Please, Maam. God bless you, your husband and your house.”


He pushed the money to my hand. Right that moment, I burst in tears! I said,” Thank you so much. I can’t believe it happens!” He said,” It happens. God  helps us in many ways.”


I said,” Can I get your name, please? We would like to put you in our prayers ” He said,” Dominic…Dominic Turner.” I asked if I could get his number. He gave me his number.

I said,” Thank you so much, Dominic. Can I give you a hug, if you don’t mind ?” He said,” No. It’s fine.” I gave him a hug and said,” GOD BLESS YOU!”


He said,” Say hi to your husband for me”. I said,” I will.”


I got into my car and started the car. I started crying! I called Ronnie. I told him the problem and I couldn’t get the car fixed. He said it’s ok.Then he asked me,” Are you Ok ? why are you crying?” I asked him if he remembered about Pastor’s story.He said he remembered. I told him I EXPERIENCE ONE tonite. He was confused and I said,” Someone gave me some money.” He was SURPRISED! He said,” WHO???? HOW???” I told him the story and he said,” WOW!!! He’s very nice!!!!” I said,” Yes. God sent an angel tonight.”


How could I know that this guy could’ve get his oil done within minutes, not within 30-40 minutes ?  How could I know that God send Dominic and had him waited and heard about my problem ?


The way God works is amazing. Everything happens for a reason! God sent him to the shop and spent time with me, and he learnt my problem and helped me. God is amazing!!!!


Yes, I’m so blessed. Like a few days ago, I said to myself, “ Live by Faith. When I pray, the miracle happens.” Which had happened!!!!


Ted Williams, the homeless man said one day,” it’s the same feeling like winning the mega lottery”, since his life’s changed within nights for his “ golden voice”, and I would say the same thing “ It’s the same feeling like winning the mega lottery”.


I got home, sat in front of my computer, and looked for information about this “ angel”. I found “ Dominic Turner” lives on Highland Ave ( which he said earlier he lived in Clifton ). I found very interesting thing, that Dominic himself and his family live in apartement! He has no house, but he graciously, generously gave me some amount of money, and yet he might need more than I need.


When Ronnie came home, I showed him the money, he smiled. I could see his “nervous” smile, like he didn’t believe it happened. He told about this to his friend.His friend said,” I would’ve been mad when she wrote down $100 check for the tithe.” I said to Ronnie,” Thank you,Lord, he’s NOT my husband.” He laughed. He said even his friend said,” Well… next week she will write down $500.” I said,” I would”.Ha ha ha ha ha


Ronnie said,” Now, you have a story to submit and to share.”


     I believe that Dominic himself had proved that he has the heart of stewardship. And, I would love to be like that.


Yes, I am longing to have the heart of stewardship. God help me to do it. By God’s grace, He will make my by the time.


     It is not the ACT of giving that is important but the   HEART of giving.


At night, me and MeiLee pray, like our ritual. We mentioned names in our prayers, and I prayed specially for Dominic and his family, may God bless him abundantly, whatever he does, may God bless him, wherever they live, may God protect his family. I prayed for my car, if the mechanic said it’s only survive shortly, I prayed that God would let me keep it working for awhile so I still have transportation to go and back from work.


The next morning, I was praying in the car, I asked God to bless me, and others  who’re going to work, bless the people who’re still sleeping, bless the kids who’re going to school, bless the people around me so I could be a blessing to them and them to me. I asked God to protect us and fill our days with joyful and thankfulness.



To God be the glory. God Bless Us!

Malachi 3:10 (New International Version, ©2010)

10 Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.


  1. halleluyah!!..thankyou for sharing this beautiful experienced. itu sebabnya saya kangen MP krn bisa membaca berbagai pengalaman hidup manusia.

  2. Thnks. Benar2 berkat yg nyata.Salam kenal ya. GBU!!! * Sama2 di States toh * :D

  3. Amen, God's help in time of need ! Thanks for sharing Mei. GBU

  4. Lidya, thanks a lot. Disuruh sama Inge ya baca ? lol. thnks a lot.GBU!!!

  5. thanks mama ML for sharing this very touching experience..it motivates me...

  6. Thnks,da.Glad it becomes a blessing for you :) . Keep it up!