Thursday, January 13, 2011

Follow Up : Talking to My " Angel"

Last nite, I decided to call Dominic, the " ANGEL " that God had sent to help me days before. He answered the phone ( it was a cellphone no ). I said that I was sorry not to call him right away and thanked him, since I was using my time writing about my " testimony".

He said," That's all right,dear. Thank you for calling." I told him I had testified to some people at work, their reactions were varies, one lady got teary eyes, one guy was surprised and said," keep it shine!", the others said," BEAUTIFUL TESTIMONY, I wish I could write like that",etc etc etc.......

He laughed out there and said," Oh my!!!!!!!!". Yes, I told him the impact after that, that brought lots of joys and happiness for those who heard.

He said," Could you hold on for a minute,please?" I heard he's talking with some people. I said," If you're busy, I can call you next time. Just wanna say thank you."

He said," Wait. Here, my wife is here. You can talk to her."

So, a lady over the phone said," Hi, how are you ?" I said," Hi, I'm wonderful. My name is Mei-Mei.What's yours?"

She said," My name is Lashonda.It's nice to meet you,Mei-Mei."

I told her how I was thankful the day he helped me. I asked if she knew about that.She said," At CarX? Yes, he told me. I'm so glad to hear that. And, more gladly to know that you are a believer. Isn't that amazing how God works?"

So, we're talking quiet awhile. I told her I would send them a thank you card and the print out of my testimony. She said," Yes,please, I'd love to read that."

I got their name and address ( which exactly the address I found from white pages). Glad I got the right person.

I told Lashonda, we'd like to meet them personally, with the baby Immanuel,too.She said she'd love to do that one day.

What a relief!!!

But, my duty's not done yet. I have another " pay it back" to others. Someday,somewhere,someone will need my help, and I will help within my power.

To God be the glory!


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