Thursday, January 27, 2011

God Answers Another Prayer :D

Thank you, Lord, for Your blessings. The prayer that we've been longing to.

Finally tonight we had found the answer. We went to St.Paul Nursery School and saw the atmospher, the parents and the students-to be. How enthusiastic they were! Ronnie,Mom, ML and I like the place. It's a very nice place.And the more important thing, it's based on Christian system.

A day before, I went to College Hill Presbyterian Church.It has pre-school,too.Which gives me more option to choose the days.The same fee,but seems we like more St.Paul better. Both places are close to Mom's house, indeed,Mom's house is right in the middle!

Mom asked me to hurry and register.LOL.She said she'd love to drop and pick up ML to the school. Oh my... so glad to hear that!!!!!!!!

So,without any hesitation, I registered ML right away. It's  Parents-Co Op,which once every 4-6 weeks, parents would stay in the class and volunteer to help the teacher and bring some goodies ( I can do that! )

Anyway, on the way home, Ronnie found out the school's not started till Sept! He's surprised..LOL. Yeah, tonite was the Open House only.

So, Mom asked if there's any other place that starts earlier. I said CH Presby Church has a program called " Taste of Pre-School",it's an introduction for kids before entering the school. Every Friday, 2hours, for 8 weeks in March. Mom and Ronnie said," Let's do it."

Guess, we'll do it, since we really want ML learn how to socialize and get more friends, so she can speak fluently

Above all, we're so happy tonite. One by one, our prayer's answered.

God is good....all the time!



  1. Wow ml dah mo masuk preeschool time goes by really fast

  2. Alo, Ika.Iya, Sep nanti.Biar ketemu sama anak2 seusianya, belajar sharing, bljr sosialisasi.That's all we concern :D