Monday, January 24, 2011

Ayam Penyet ( Smashed Fried Chicken )

I use Cornish Hen, perfect size for me and Ronnie.

To make the meat tender, and juicy, and fall off bone, I usually boil the chicken first, then fry it. It turns out better!

I chose " BBQ & Grilling" category, since there's no category for " Frying " :D

1 whole cornish hen
turmeric powder
garlic powder
lemon grass powder ( optional )
coriander powder

Sauce :
Red Chilies (as needed, boiled )
tomato ( boiled)
Terasi ( shrimp paste )

1. Boil the whole chicken about 30 minutes ( just to make it tender )
2. Cut the chicken right in the middle, into 2. ( each side has wing, breast and tigh ).
3.Smear the chicken with tumeric powder, lemon grass powder,coriander powder, garlic powder.
4. Marinate about 5-10 mnts.
5. Heat some oil and fry ( you can SMASH the chicken gently, that's why it's called PENYET ( SMASHED ).
6. Fry the chicken till it's golden brown.

In the other hand :

7. Blender the chili,tomato,terasi all together.
8. Optional, you can fry this " SAUCE/SAMBAL" to keep it longer in the refrigerator.
9. Add some Iceburg, or boiled veggies as you like ( Lettuce, Kangkung, Bayam ect )
10. Add Kerupuk ( crackers ) for additional.


  1. Thanks for sharing...I am going to try it tomorrow...

  2. Hi, Elizabeth. Please do, and let me know about the result. The boiling part makes the meat is so tender. Just had it for lunch again, the bones were easily fell off :D

  3. aku paling suka bangat nich da.
    coba dekat udah tak singgahi.

  4. Sama, da. Enak, simple bikinnya. Cuma ini ayam gak diPENYETin, gak tega..LOL