Saturday, March 17, 2007

March 17th Thurs - Dinner @Kabuto

Since Wed n Thursday I've spent time at the bar longer than I expected.Wed morning from 7.30am till 4 pm ( I went home from work on Wed morning around 3 am ,watching dvd till 4.30 am ,practically my sleeping was only 1.5 hours then went to the bar ).

Thursday, I worked from 11.30 am till 5 pm. Stressed!!!

I went to the library,returned some DVDs. I called Ronnie.He said he's not far from the bar.We decided to have dinner somewhere,Kabuto.I reserved the seat and drove to Kabuto from library.

Before,I stopped at Walgreens and bought Ginger Ale.It tastes good!!!
I brought into Kabuto.Decky saw it and tried one glass. ha ha ha.

Ronnie came abt 15 mnts,and we had our food.

Since I still have my nite sickness,I don't eat a lot.I ordered Unagi, just only could eat 1-2 pieces only. We took home the leftover.It's a bunch!! Even Ronnie couldn't finish his. The next day,he was sick

We went back to the bar. Parking Mom's car at the bar,then we drove one car to Sam's Club.We met Dave there.

Ronnie n Dave bought the camera system. I asked Ronnie to buy me ice cream. It's milky,vanilla ice cream. Yummyyyyyyyyyy


  1. waduuuh serius maat yaa- takut meleleh nih ehhehe ....
    bagii donggggg

  2. senyum khusus buat aku ya> ,, waaa GR aku hehehe

  3. Takut meleleh,lengket2,ngegemesin. ha ha ha.Mo ditowel? :D .

  4. Gak abis,Yul. Cuma bbrp suap doank kmrn makannya :(

  5. Harusnya enak2 ya makannya,ini malah gak selera.Masih kena nite sickness :(

  6. Mei makannya bertambah banyak aja ni.. Mungkin bawaan si dedek ya..

  7. Looks yummy..
    Itu platenya kamu Mei?
    OMG banyak amat Mei..

  8. Iya,kak.Bawaan dedek.Ronnie blg Mei2 udh rada gemukan. :D

  9. Chefnya Levi sih.Jadi udah tau,porsi kita dibanyakin.Tipsnya juga gede.^___^.Gak abis itu,kak.Cuma bbrp suap doank.Dibawa plg,sampe skrg gak abis.

  10. Elu aja lewatttttttttttttttttttttt. :P

  11. Kurang gimana? Ini aja kmrn sampe mo muntah2.Kok jadi gak demen udang ya ???