Friday, March 23, 2007

Mar 22nd : ( Another Craving ) :Hunting Dunkin Doughnuts @Midnite!!!

Ih... what a shame!!!!!

Yesterday,suddenly I really wanted to have some Dunkin Doughnuts. When Ronnie came back from work,I told him.He said," I have to go to the bar,hun.Dave can't open the bar.The key didn't work."

I told Ronnie it worked that morning when I was there.Ronnie took my keys.I asked him to come back as soon as possible ( besides,it's our off nite ).

I called Ronnie around 10 pm,he said Jaime hasn't come yet,so he bartended. Ughhh..... I waited till 11 pm. I called him again,he said he'd be home very soon.

Around 11.10pm,he's at home. I was laying in bed.He was having some rice crips. I was mad at him. I said," Look.. you came home late,I couldn't have my doughnuts."

Ronnie said," do you want doughnut so bad? I can buy some tomorrow after work. " I said," I want it..I want it.. I want it now!!! "

He said," Let's go to Kroger then." Agghhhh.. I didn't want doughnuts from Kroger. I wanted from Dunkin.

I was mad.Ronnie said," Let's go.. I didn't realize how bad you want the doughnuts."

I didn't move. I cried like a kid. He came closer, I said," No...stay away.. I want my doughnuts." Cried again.

Ronnie laughed.He said," You want me to go buy some ?? " I said," Noooo. I want you and me go."

He said," Let's go." I said," Nooo.. it's too late.The store must have been closed." :(

He kept persuading me.I didn't move.Finally," Let's go.. hurry up hurry up."

He asked me where to go.I asked him to go to the store I know in Colerain.Ronnie said there's one in North Bend. I wasn't sure for that one.I asked him to go where I do know one in Colerain.It's almost 12 pm.When we passed the street,I couldn't see the sign.I said," Agghhhh it's closed!!! We're late."

Ronnie turned the car to the other side.He entered a parking lot.He said," You mean this one? It used to be Dunkin,but they're out of business.It's a new bakery store now." I saw the sign, All Pita Bread. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I cried. I said," I hate you. I couldn't have my doughnuts now."

Ronnie said," Let me take you to North Bend.I know there's one over there."

So we drove to other direction.We passed the bar.Ronnie pointed me one store. I said," It's closed." Ronnie said," No.. it isn't. It' s OPEN 24 HOURS!!! "

Wahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! We looked one each other.. and then smiled, laughed. He said," Now.. who loves you ? " ^____________________^

I said," Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu." He said," Now,let's go. You can have as many as you want. Chop chop chop "

Like a kid, I held his arm and pointed the mini ones I wanted.I had some small jelly ones, 2 strawberries n 1 lemon.

Ronnie asked," Is that all,hun? Are you sure ?" I said," Yes." The total was 3.17 bucks.

As soon as the bag was given to me,I had one bite. Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Ronnie laughed and said," My gosh,baby.. I didn't know how bad your craving is. I should have known better next time. I didn't mean to ignore you.I am sorry."

We went home.In the car,I ate 5 small ones. I had a few in the bedroom and saved some for the next day.

Ronnie said," Come to bed,hun.Cuddle up with me. I love you. Thank God,we finally had them,otherwise you won't talk to me for days." ^_______^

I jumped into bed and cuddled up with him.The next morning,we laughed when we remembered how bad I was last nite. Sorry,hun.

I had some doughnuts this noon.I still have some left,don't feel like wanna eat them all. Nah lhooooooooooo????????? :P


  1. Oh my....pantesan craving nya sampe segitunya.... cara nya makan donut aja dinikmatin luar biasaa.....semoga sudah terpuaskan deh hasrat nya eda meimei...:) hihihi asli ngakak gue baca ceritanya

  2. Maila iba... tapi apa boleh buat,ngidamnya ini kelewatan sampe tengah malam dikejar donatnya.Ronnie sampe minta ampun. ha ha ha.Dia blg," Heran, org ngidam bisa sampe begini kelakuan." ^____________^

  3. Suruh si abang ngidam dulu biar tau dia gimana rasanya hehehehe....

  4. Nanti keluar lagunya " Ku tak sanggupppppppppppppppp ". Ha ha ha

  5. hebat juga ... gua sih gak pernah craving sampe gitu malem sih... biasanya cravenya siang2 aja hehehe.... malah lebih parah cravenya empek2 risol... yg susah carinya... and gua gak bisa bikin... jadi yah pas keluar anaknya ngiler terus hahahaha....

  6. Hahaha...liat gaya makan lu aja ampe napsu gitu Mei...untung buka 24 hours yaa.kl ngga baby lu ngeces mulu hehehe

  7. Baru kali ini begini,Mon.Jadi malu benar kalo ingat2 kmrn itu.Beneran nangis di tempat tidur sesugukan kayak anak kecil.He he he

  8. kata adik Mei2,Joe," Ihhh jijik sekali liat cara makan cc itu." ha ha ha.Blm tau dia org lagi ngidam.