Tuesday, December 5, 2006


It was last week, Nov 30th.Ronnie and I went to the bar early around 6 pm.He didn't let me do anything in the bar.He suggested me to go somewhere either shopping or doing anything else.

I didn't have any intention to go anywhere else.Ronnie said,' Thrift Store,baby?" Yuckkkk.. I didn't wanna.

He said,' You know you like going there. Come on,go there.Have fun."
Hmm.... I didn't wanna. I just wanted to stay at the bar. He said again," Come on, hun.You'll enjoy it.Buy anything you want."

I said," Fine. I buy whatever I wanna buy,and pay by my own money. Ughhhhh"
He laughed.

He came closer to me and said," Oh come on... Go somewhere.I don't wanna see you working here."
Aghh... Ok.... I was getting ready to go.

I said," I might be there for awhile. Maybe looking for glasses.Be right back soon."

He closed the door. I walked away.Suddenly," Hey,baby... here!!! " He was holding the car keys and swinging them in the air.

I said,' Ha ??? " He said," Here, drive the car."
BAHHHHHHHH!!!!! TIDAK LAH YAOOO!!!!! I was afraid if I drive, the car would be turned into different shape later on. :P

He said," I believe in you. You can do it. Practise."
Ihhhhh.. takutttttttt

He convinced me that I could make it.
He said," Call me if you need me.It's not far from here to the store.Go ahead."

So... I drove. When I started driving,from a far I saw Ronnie's smiling.I put my fingers on my mouth..scareddddd....nervous... He laughed. Hi hi hi

Finally I arrived at Thrift Store. I was looking around. I enjoyed looking at glasses,clothes and books.

I didn't realize how long I'd had been there. Ronnie called me and reminded me to buy something.

I bought some glasses,recipe books,and story books.

When I went to the Cashier,I met a girl who always comes to our bar.I don't know her name.But she always comes with her boyfriend weekly.

She greeted me.I gave her all the stuff to be counted. I asked her to separate the bills. She said," 3.90 ". Ha???? For the glasses and the utensils only 3.90 bucks ?"

I wasn't sure.I checked the prices.They've must have been more than 3.90 bucks.She said," I used my coupons for those."

AHA!!!! How sweet!!!!!!

Then,I was ready to pay the story books and the recipe ones. She said, " 1.50 ". Lho?????? Were they so cheap ???

I said," They've must been more than that." She smiled again," I take care of them."

Ha ha ha ha. I said," As if you knew it's our anniversary."

She said,' Is it ? Then it's my presents for you."

Aghhh.. Sweet...sweet....sweet...

I paid 10 bucks for all. She said," Your change,Maam."

I said,' Keep them. Thank you very much. God bless. See ya this week at the bar."
She smiled.

I walked out from the store and I reminded myself that I drove. I looked for the car. ha ha ha. Thank God I didn't leave the car at the parking lot. ^____^

I went to CVS across the bar and bought Ronnie his Right Breath for his nose.

Mission's completed.I arrived at the bar safely.Ronnie's glad to see me. I said to him," I still don't know how to park the car."

He laughed. I felt sooo happy.

I didn't expect that somebody would be generous to give me some discounts for the stuff I bought.

Thank you,whatever your name is. God bless!!!


  1. Udah nyetir sendirian berarti SIM udah jadi donk bu ? *wink-wink*

  2. Tahun ini ketempatan X-mas party dirumahku, gak punya ornament dekorasi natal sedangkan harga di toko biasa masih mahal....so...akhirnya Thrift store-lah yang aku ubek-ubek dan lumayan dapet ornament yang masih bagus, save my day :)))

  3. Aku paling suka ke Thrift store atau flea market! bisa lupa waktu hehehe. Apalagi kalo dapet barang2 yg bagus2 seperti yg Mei purchased.

  4. Wah Mei udah persiapan nih? Hehehehe

  5. Mei, akhirnya dah liatin foto2 lu satu2 heheh, taking a while juga ya, pas gua lunch break heheh... good to see you so happy with ronnie! all good pictures!

  6. Curi2 nyetir,mumpung dkt.Ntar tgl 13 Dec ujian nyetir.Mudah2an kali ini lulus.Capek mengharap org antar ke sana ke mari.

  7. Thrift Store saves lots of money ya,Mbak Yetti. ^___^

  8. Di Thrift Store lagi bejibun gelas2 utk Natal.Lapar mata kalo udh liat gelas2 cantik model begini. :D

  9. Hoorayyy!!! Ada temen juga yg demen ke TS. He he he.

  10. Mirceeeee cintakuuuuuuu..Akhirnya mampir juga.Kangen nehhhhhhh :(

    Udh posting foto2 terbaru,pls???? Itu alamatnya ntar Mei2 keep ya.Salam buat James.GBU. Muachhhhhhhhhhh

  11. uhuyyyyyyy dah bisa nyetir sendiri neh mpok kekekeke...

  12. Curi2,Mpok.Ujiannya minggu dpn. Ini praktek2 aja dulu.Skrg ke bar bareng Mom juga Mom suruh Mei2 nyetir.Ampun deh,nervous banget kalo sama mertua.Si Mom panik mulu. Ha ha ha.