Sunday, December 31, 2006

Dec 27th :Dinner@Kabuto Again

Duhhhhhh....Ronnie said that I was cranky. I guessed I was.

I've been at the bar since noon till evening ( 11.30am-7pm ).Cleaning the bar, did the paperworks,inventories,appointments ect.

He came to the bar and picked me.I was killing my time by watching Indian movie "Faana".Ronnie watched the special features for awhile.

Ronnie said,'Baby, I think you're cranky.Let's go to Kabuto." I said," Nooo..We've been there on Christmas,Monday.Now,it's just only 2 days,you wanna take me there again?" He said," Yes.Let's go."

Aghhhhhhhhhhh.I didn't wanna.But Ronnie kep asking me to go there.Thursday was our off nite. Willy nilly,I followed him.

On the way,I said to Ronnie," Baby,you're taking me to Kabuto so I can meet my friends,chit chat with them and forget abt my crankiness,rite?" He said," That's my intention.You need to take a break,baby.I know you love meeting your friends.So,let me do that." He he he he.

There,Kabuto was really crowded.Endang was there.He came to me and said,"Mei,I am serving the Major of Cincinnati rite now.He's sitting over there.' Wuih...Bet he had lots of tips. ^___^

After waiting abt 15 mnts,we were taken to the Habatchi table.This time was another cook.

He entertained us.He threw a piece of veggie to another couple.Ronnie was given one, but it hit Ronnie's nose. Ha ha ha ha.

As usual,I teased Dicky,Levy,Endang n Dani.Levi was cooking for another group.When he's done,he said," Arigato ...." I replied,'Ajinomotooooooo" . He he he he.

Before leaving, I asked them to come to the bar tonite for New Year's Eve.

Ronnie said,"See???? You have fun, now.I am glad to see you smile again."

Then we went home.Took a shower and left for Walmart at 12pm.We bought some Exchange gift for Saturday.

Went home abt 1.30am.Tireddddddd


  1. NON, Asli keren euy! HAppy New Year&hears;

  2. Baru mandi tuh,Mi.Mandi kembang di tengah malam.He he he. I think I did loose some weight. Hooray!!!!!!!!!