Monday, February 27, 2006

Happy Birthday, Maria !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last Saturday,Feb 25th,me,Desy n Cie Ira from KY attended Maria's birthday at Sleep Inn ( siap pesta, boleh sleeping2 ). ^___^.

Maria introduced us to her hubby,Karl ( I misheard it,I thought it was Karla,Carlon or Carolina ) . Heheheheh **

Sorry to say,that my bra showed up when Maria introduced to him.I said to Maria,"Eitsss...Mardi Gras is here!!! " . Hahahhahahhaha. Untung gak digantung sama Maria. :P

We met Ria ,Devita ( Ria's sister ),Mbak Maya,Jessy minus Kak Irma and Sandra ( new friend ) there. It's fun!!! We continued gossiping again. Hihihihihi

The food was great.Maria cooked them all. 2 thumbs up for Maria !!! ^____^ Excellent job,Maria.

I enjoyed every single food she had ( esp. Indonesian ). Then,we moved to another room.Maria and Karl were ready to open the presents she got at that time. We had Ice Cream Birthday Cake!!!

The birthday party was over abt 8pm.We cleaned up the tables ( including the food,too).Ziplockkkkkkkkkk..... mana??mana???? Siap2 bawa plg makanan. Hihihihihi.

I took a pic in front of the Front Desk.Alas,when Ria just took my pic,the receptionist ( Opa ) surprised me with a horn. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH KAGETTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone laughed. Ugghhhh.... I saw there's a basket of apples on the desk,and I asked him whether I got one.He hasn't given me any answers,I just grabbed it and ran out.Hahahhahahahha.

Then,we got ready to back to Cincinnati. I invited friend to hang out in our bar.We went to Ria's house,dropped her Mom,daughter,sister and her son home.Then,they followed us to Cincinnati. Meanwhile Maria and Karl would come later.

Cie Ira couldn't join us,but she called me and said she might come next time. We played pool and then Desy left abt 10.30pm.Continuing playing pool with Ria,I invited Donna ( Ronnie's friend at work ) to play with us.

Later,Maria and Karl arrived. She said," We were lost.Karl suggested to find a hotel and stay a nite instead."Hahahhahaha.Jauh2 ke Cincinnati,kok malah cari hotel. Hihihihi.

We hung up for another hour,then Ria n Todd left.So, I spent time with Maria n Karl in the back bar.

They left abt 1.30 pm.Indeed,I didn't want them to leave ( msh jam kecil,bencong aja gak plg2 ). Hahahhahaha.

But,anyway,it's really great.We did enjoy their companies.So, thnks for coming,Desy,Ria & Todd,Maria & Karl. Nice meeting you.See ya in the other occasion ( si Maria nih udh mulai nempel,maunya gathering mulu ). Hihihihihi.

Happy Birthday,Maria....16 yo... ( hihihihihi... sekian tahun yg lalu ). May God Bless You,Your Marriage & Your Health,

Keep laughing,biar makin panjang umur,tetap 16 thn. :P

We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sering2 buat acara ultah ya ( setahun 6x juga gpp ).Hehehehehe


  1. Aaaahhh...Mei-mei...killing me softly!!

  2. naksir kali dia ema elu Mei..hehehe, abis cantik bener nih, lady in red!

  3. duhhhhhhhhhhh.....jadi maluuuuuuu .Cantik diliat dari Gunung Sibayak .Hahahahhaha

  4. Untung dibawa plg lontongnya.Yummy nya masih ada.Hahahahaha

  5. Mau dong Mey...
    Mana aku belum makan nich...

  6. Mei, itu dessertnya warna merah sama coklat apaan sih?

  7. Happy Birthday Maria
    Hope That You Have A Lovely day.

  8. Oalah,ada yg mupeng nih.Heheheheh.Di Toledo kmrn gak ada lontong dan rendang ya.

  9. Ohh itu kan beans sama strawberry kayaknya.Mei2 gak makan yg merah2 itu.Tapi yg coklat2 itu beans.

  10. boronggggggggggggggggggggggggg.Kue2nya dibawa plg.

  11. iyaaaaaaaaaaaa...........ngeborrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  12. Endang...........semua difotoin. Hahahhaha.Sayang aja,elu gak di sini,say.Kalo gak,abis deh itu cam jepret2 elu seorang.

  13. Amien...Tapi lidahnya jgn melet donk,Mar. ^___^

  14. wuakakaka...ada saingan dunk elo klo gw disana =))

  15. Kalo buat elu mah,1 SD card disiapin deh,Mpok.

  16. Boleh2 saja.Tapi harus dijemput ke sini. :P