Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Toddlers Visit Us!!!!

Ufhhh... I forgot to attach these pics.Dave,Joyce and the toddlers came to visit us on Sunday morning.Wahhh Bryan's growing up so quick.He had his hair cut!! Makin ganteng,bow... Lizzy has her one hand injured.She fell down from bunk bed abt a week ago.Now,she can use one hand only.Hope she would be better soon.

The kids played with Grandma,Tony n Steffie.Meanwhile we went out to have some breakfast/lunch.Dave took us to Perkins,not far from home. It's really great to see Dave has recovered pretty well.Ronnie said," You even couldn't tell he had been sick before." Yes,he's rite.I  hugged him and said," I miss you so much!!!"

The food was good at Perkins.


French Dip for Joyce                                    Bbq Supreme Burger for me !!

Ronnie lovessssss bacon n eggs

But,I had a stomach problem.I threw all the food in the restroom.I guess I had stomachache ( masuk angin kali ya,plg dari Dayton malam sebelumnya ). Joyce was worried abt me,and asked to go home.Dave and Ronnie paid the bills,then we left.

Ughhhhh.... I thought I wanted to take a nap.But,once I saw the toddlers played around, I took the cam and took their pics. Gosh,you can tell how much we miss one each other. Silly Bryan,he kissed me all around !!!. He's so excited and knew he would be taken his pics.

Ble'eh ^__^                                                   Pencet idung gpp,asal jgn poke mata aja

                                                                     Bryan lagi mo ikat tali sepatu

Ngantuk kah?                                                Let me see...let me see... ^___^

               Gantengnya                                      Duhh... dipeluk2 erat.Hahahhahaha


Thnks for coming !!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Iya, ini yg kmrn dititip 2 minggu.Bryan yg dulu poke mata Mei2. Hihihi.Skrg udh gak lagi.Gemes liat mrk kmrn.Kangen berat,sampe dipeluk2 mulu. ^___^

  2. Kita bagian yg toddlers,Ronnie bagian yg teenagers.. Hihihihi

  3. kangen sih,2 minggu gak ketemu.Serasa lama bener rasanya,padahal baru juga.Datang2 udh kepala baru si Bryan. Hihihihi

  4. Endang..... Coba liat journal sblm2nya tentang toddlers.Cerita bersambung. ^__^.

  5. bahagianya ketemu ponakan :D btw emang perkins enak ya mei?

  6. Makanannya lumayan,cuma itu tadi,muntah di sana.

  7. tante dan ponakan saling bahagia dan senang ya...
    jadi terharu... hihihihihihi...

  8. Ini lagi baik2nya,coba kalo Bryan nangis lagi,sudah re mi fa so la si doooooooooooo..Telinga rasanya mo pecah .

  9. oo.. jadi kalo ponakan nangis, tante-nya nyanyi aja ya :D
    bagus bagus... bisa ditiru....

  10. wakakaka...di kerubutin dah lo say :))

  11. Kita nyanyi,bikin anak2 tertidur. Hihihihi....