Saturday, January 14, 2006

Cinergy Children's Museum
Eda Genta took us to visit this museum .I've been here to the Cincinnati Museum before,but never visited the Children one.It's located on the ground floor.

It's a very huge place to play around.Lots of kids were there (even when we arrived,I saw bunch of school buses stopped there ).Guess what? The students were playing there.

I do recommend you to take your kids to visit this museum.It's for public.You can apply to be the member and visit it as many as you can,you just walk in and buy the ticket.

Ssst... one more information :
Cinergy Children’s Museum opened in 1998 and has since consistently ranked in the top 25 children’s museums in the world.!!!!

So,hurry up, let's visit this one!!!


  1. Yoa,promo gratis.Syukur2 bisa dpt membership 1 thn . Hihihihi