Tuesday, June 26, 2007

June 26th : One Day in the Good Sam Hospital

Early this morning at 9.30am.......
Me and Mom went to visit my doctor.I had toast and OJ for my bfast.When I was in the check up room,I threw up. I had to go back and forward to the bathroom. I felt so bad. My face was pale.

The doctor checked me.He said he'd give me Venergan ( lahhhh ... no way!!!!!!!!!!!! I had it before ). I told him,' NO!!! It knocked me out.You've gave me before and it didn't work at all.Made me like having dope. " Then he decided to send me to Good Sam to check the Gall Bladder.

The doctor said," Now go to Good Sam.They're waiting for you." We drove to the hospital and I was taken care there.

They put me in a room and put IV on my arm.Awww...apa pula ini :(

I didn't know what's going on.They said that I would be taken downstairs to have the
Gall Bladder

I was freezing...really cold.Kathy,the nurse told me it'd take a couple hours to be in the hospital. I decided to send Mom home.Kathy said she'd call Mom as soon as I was done.

It's on the 5th floor, I was put in another room.Gosh... really colddddddddddddd. They gave me another warm blankie.

The lady name Debra checked me.She asked me to take a deep breath,hold and breath. Goodness..... I bet she'd done around 50-60 times!!!!!!!!!!! Then she said," Can you hold your breath for me any longer?" Huh ????? I thought I had. I told him," Excuse me,I couldn't hold it for 10-15 secs.I got a breathing problem here." Ughhh... org lagi sakit begini disuruh tahan nafas lama2.. Koit ntar gmn ? :P

Suddenly I was shiffering. I told her," Can I go to the bathroom,pls ?? " She looked at me and said," Can we finish this first?" Aghh... Ok .

Dang... it took another 10 mnts to be with her.I felt down there was throbbing.Time to pee!!!!!!!!! I said to her,' EXCUSE ME. I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE.IT'S THROBBING DOWN THERE."

Then she let me pee. I should have known that she's still a student ( around 50ish yo ). Her friend came and said," You got some good pics here." She said," I tried to, she couldn't hold her breath for me." Dodol lu!!!! Kyk mo photo shooting aja.

Then, I was taken out and put in Inpatient Holding. Lah.. mo ke mana lagi ini??? I told Debra that my IV's bottle was empty.She said,"There's nothing I can do abt it,hun." Well.. the other staff saw it and said," You'll be taken upstairs,Mam,they will give you another one." She's sweet.

Another nurse took me back to 9th floor and changed my IV.Kathy came back and said," Goodness, how long did they take time to check you ? I was having lunch and I was thinking abt you,your spicy food. " he he he he.She's so nice.

I told Kathy ,Debra took lots of time to check my gall bladder.She was surprised to see my IV's bottle was empty.She was disappointed with the clerk on the lower floor.

Jaime,my customer who I met at the parking lot texted me.She wanted to visit me.She came and spent time a while with me. I told the nurse I was having heart burn.

The doctor came and checked me.She said," I am waiting for the gall bladder's result.Hopefully it'll be fine." I said I was starving. She said," Oh.. you haven't eaten anything yet?? I'll get you some food."

Within 5 mnts, the nurse brought me some food. Aghh... yesssss!!!!!!!! Lafar sekaleeeee... I was an OK food,eventhough I didn't like wild rice,I was forced to eat.

Suddenly I was so sleepy.Jaime left and I took a short nap.Mom called me.She wondered what's going on with me. I told her I haven't got an answer yet.

Soon,Kathy came and said that I was clear.I could go home.She said that I was lack of Iron , Anemia. I have guessed so. Kurang makan sayuran sih :P

She gave me perscription for Iron. Then,she's talking abt
Reflux Acid
that causes Heart Burn. No wonderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr................. I was suggested not to eat lots of spicy food. Iya deh..nyerah,bu ......

I was clear and could go home. I said to Kathy," Aghh.. I wanna stay here overnite.It's quite." She laughed and said," You're so funny!!! I've never seen a patient like you.. you're so panicked when I put the needle in your hand, histerical and this time you don't wanna go home. " :P

The doctor told me the Gall Bladder's result was normal.I didn't have any gall stones.Thank God!!!!!!!!!!

I called Mom back and had her pick me home. Mom dropped me home and went to Pharmacy picked up my perscription. I was taking a rest till 9 pm and had my dinner. I called Ronnie he said," I am coming to pick you eh see you for a while ,hun." Mom's already at the bar.

I went downstaird,I smelt something. Aghh.. it's burger.It made me sick.I had to put it away from my nose. I boiled some water and had Indomie. I need something soupy this time.

When I was cooking,I called my family.It's my 2nd elder sister's bday,Cie Vivie. My whole family's there to celebrate her bdays.When I was in the middle of the conversation,Mami said," Mei,Oom Chun and Oom Dem are here.Wanna talk to them? " OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oom Chun just arrived from Bandung a day ago.He came with his family to visit his hometown.He's born in Siantar,never been home for yearsssssssssssssssssssssssss.I talked to him and his kids. It's a blessing to be around the family again. Mami said," Full House." ha ha ha ha.

Ronnie arrived and I spent time with him.He's laying down on bed.He wanted to cuddle up with me.I am so glad to see him.We've been missing one each other.

He felt asleep ( as I always think so ).He said," Don't stop spoiling me.I am enjoying it.You make me fall asleep." Bah!!!!!!!

He stayed with me almost for 1 hour and then went to the hospital.He didn't want me to work tonite.I might go back working tomorrow nite.Ronnie said,' Honey, don't worry abt it.We'll take care of you.Love ya..."

Ok then,baby... Thank you.... I can have another off nite.

P.S : Thank you for all of you who care abt me. Lid,sorry,jadi ngerepotin sms segala . :P

To Cindy n Novi,thanks a lot udah telp ke rmh.Thnks to Jaime,Dece n Robert ( Duh... I'm gonna miss him.He's moving to CA next week.I lost my chance to see him for the last time at the bar tonite ).

Keep praying for my health.


  1. Iihhh.. lu tuh ye Mei, ga dimana2 deh pasti selalu jepret2 hihihih... btw gimana skrg, udah baekan blm ? Jgn bandel napa pas lg hamil gini bu.. :-)

  2. Namanya juga tukang foto gak dibayar :P Skrg udh di rmh, lagi mo istirahat. Msh gak terlalu enak badan nih.Perut msh gimana2 gitu. :(

  3. glad to hear gpp mei. cerita yang seruu...

  4. makan bayem yg banyak mei..biak kyk popeye..bayem banyak zat besinya..sempet aja poto2x...dasar lu Mei..sakit is sakit..gaya jalan teruuusss

  5. Jadi ingat kata org tua," Makanya jadi anak jangan durhaka.Ibu setengah mati melahirkan anak." He he he he. Ini blm melahirkan,udah banyak sakitnya,apalagi nanti.

  6. Msh lemes,tapi bntr lagi mo ker bar,ada barang masuk.Si Mom memble,kecapekan kerja. He he he he. Tadinya mo nginap di RM,ingat laki,gak jadi deh. :P.

  7. Bayam ??? Yuckkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!! Mending sayur daun ubi, ko.Mei2 gak demen bayam.Ntar siang mo masak sayur daun ubi ,buat makan siang. Foto2 terus,iya. Biar ada kenang2an. :D

  8. Thank God mei akhirnya bisa balik dari hospital cepet duhh dah kepikiran pasti si mei di kasih IV makanya si brian bilang wahhhh apa si mei dehidrasi ya mungkin karna muntah2 itu makanya jadi pengaruh harus pake IV. Anyway brian and I always pray for u and for ur baby. GBU take care ya mei.

  9. duhhh senengnya di spoil sama ronnie :)

  10. Semoga ibu dan bayinya sehat selalu sampe hari nya nanti

  11. As a matter of fact,kyknya dehidrasi.BB cuma naik 1/2 lb ( skrg 135 lb ).DI IV nya kmrn diksh obat lagi,soalnya heart burn mulu.Lumayan sih stlh disuntikin obat tambahan.

    Ini baru plg kerja,masih juga gak enak badan,msh lemes,lagi makan Indomie kuah.Thnks for your thoughts.It's a blessing for me.GBU

  12. Lah,ini Ronnie yg dispoil sama bininya.Curi2 wkt plg ke rmh liat bini,malah tiduran :P .

  13. ini menunya anget anget dingin...cabenya mana Mei ?

  14. udah jadi pasien masih tetap jepret2 juga ini....

  15. katanya sakit....tapi kok ceria gini ..))

  16. ini obat paling mujarab....dikelonin suami. Cepat sembuh ya Eda....

  17. Indomie rasa udang.Dipaksa makan,gak pake cabe. Weks...menderitaaaaa

  18. Kenang2an,da.Ini susternya baik bener. I like her.

  19. Ceria2 tapi sakitnya jalan terus,da.Heart burn mulu sampe skrg :(

  20. Paling mujarab.Lengket di ketiak suami,nyaman rasanya.:D

  21. wahhh seneng yah ..kalau lagi sakit tapi misua tetep disamping gini mah tenang deh hati....:)

  22. Selagi di RS,pengen nginap di RS.Tapi ingat laki,jadi gak pengen.Obat mujarab dkt2 ketiak laki,enakan lagi.He he he.

  23. Mei, udah baik belum, makanya makan supermi tambahin kol, wortel, ayam dll, jadi engga anemia MY FUNNY GIRL. walaupun engga suka, dimakan aja yah SAY :D

  24. Baru bangun ini,Mi.Kesiangan banget,jam 1 siang. Pengen masak kari kyknya.Dipaksa makan juga sih,kalo gak ya sakit lagi ntar.

  25. ga doyan daging = anak cewe. bener ?