Monday, June 18, 2007

June 17th - Ronnie's Father To Be's Day

Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!! But,for Ronnie, Happy Father To Be. He he he he.

After church, I took a break for a couple hours and prepared dinner.I have promised Ronnie to cook him some ribs for him. Special treatment,for sure.Since Ronnie's been working so hard lately,and he's gonna be a daddy soon,I owe him a lot. I wanna spoil him and treat him the best I can!!!!

I started cooking abt 5'ish. It took abt 1.5 hours to have it ready.
Ronnie came home around 7pm.I set up the table at the patio.I wanted to celebrate it differently.

Mom said," It's kinda hot out there,Mei - Mei." Agh.. I thought Ronnie could handle it for a while. :P

The food was ready... We waited for Mom.She hadn't come out yet.I called her and asked her to eat together.She said," Agh.. I thought it's only for both of you. " Aww... tidaklah yao, Mom... Too much ribs for 2 persons. He he he he.

Ronnie's surprised to see it.He felt very special.He's ready to eat.While I was busy taking this and that,he cut a small slice. Ha ha ha ha. Mom cut some,too. Ronnie said,' Shall we pray ? "

I started the prayer.Ronnie laughed,but kept saying the prayer.After we're done,he said,", you prayed so fast." ha ha ha. I said, " I am hungry." Ha ha ha ha.

We did enjoy the dinner. Ronnie ate a lot. Mom enjoyed it,too. I cooked some rice. Just can't eat ribs with plain potatoes. As soon as my rice was cooked,I ate like crazy :P

I looked at Ronnie and ask," Want some more,baby? " He said, " Nooooo.. I am full!!!!!!!!!!! Look how much I ate!! "

Ronnie's really excited. He kept thanking me all nite long. ^____^

Ronnie went inside and laid down.He's really full. I texted him and suddenly I heard his cellphone rang. Alamak!!!!!!!! It's on the table!!! Ha ha ha. Hpnya ditinggal di meja ternyata. I just laughed at myself. Silly me !

Ronnie went to the bar around 7.30pm. I and Mom cleaned up the kitchen and departed to the bar around 8.30pm.

Happy Father To - Be's Day, Ronnie!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy Father's day to Ronnie father to be.

  2. Lahapnya bumil, good, makan yg banyak Mei ^__^

  3. He's so proud to be a daddy.Senyam senyum seharian. ha ha ha

  4. Makan pake tangan,makin lahap.Untung aja jari2 tangannya gak dimakan. :P

  5. busyet bikin ngiler aja loe Mei!!!

  6. dooh si bumil ....tulangnya nyangkut tuh di bibir...hehhehe

  7. makan pake tangan emang mantep ya Mei...hehehehe

  8. Manjain suami,Lis.Mei2 tadinya mo nyolong 1 ptg yg direbus buat kuah mie pangsit,eh malah kelupaan.

  9. Selalu...makan pake tangan tiada duanya. Jilat2 jari :P

  10. Congrat for father to be & mom to be-nya. Really a surprise to hear that! Very good news!!!

  11. thnks, anita. You're a mommy now ^___^. Salam buat si kecil Angie.