Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Surprise!!!! Happy Bday Heidy ( Librarian )

Last week Syb called me.She told me that Heidy's bday would be on Sunday.She decided to make a surprise for Heidy and asked me to cook something to munch. I told her I'd make cookies or noddles.

Later on,I decided to bake a cake.Bday cake.It's been a year I haven't practise my cake decorating lesson.

So,I shopped some stuff at Walmart and started baking the cake.It took 2.5 hours to decorate the cake.I was so happy for the result ( still need to learn more ).

At 6 pm,I went to the library.I asked the security to hide the cake in the class.Syb asked everybody to sign the bday card ( she designed the card ).

As soon as we walked in,Syb took a lead and we sang a Happy Bday song.Heidy was so excited.

Everyone has a bite of cake while we were doing the beaded jewelry.

Happy Bday, Heidy!!!!!

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