Thursday, April 26, 2007

Been Sick For a Couple Days

Gosh…. Lately was hard days for me. Been sick since Fri.My body was shaky,my feet were,too. I went to visit my doctor at 3.45pm ( there’re lots of people there ).Suddenly my agent called me,he wanted to meet me at the bar. I left the building and came back around 5 pm.


The doctor gave me medicine,anti nausea. I went to Kroger at nite and picked up the medicines.The lady told me that it would make me drowsy.So,I was asked to consume it the next day.


Friday Nite I worked at the door. Gosh…my body was shaky again,my face was a lil bit warm. I forced myself to work.Ronnie asked me to open the back bar,be the bartender. I couldn’t do that.


Sat 9.30 am


Sat morning we went home around 4.30am.I had my medicine. I thought I slept well,till Sat morning at 9am I woke up. We got ready to go to Auction in Fairfield.Ronnie and I were really tired. We left around 9.30am, had bfast at Burger King and arrived at 10am.


I was really tired. The auction was very long. We got a few stuff we wanted.Around 1 pm,Ronnie’s cellphone rang.It’s Scott,a guy who rented the bar for his  Farewell Party on Sat 22nd Apr’07.  Dang!!!!!!!!!! Ronnie forgot abt it.


Since Dave was closer,he called him.But Dave couldn’t make it,since he got the kids and his wive wasn’t at home.


Willy nilly,Ronnie had me go to the bar. Ughhhh……I drove back to Colerain and left Ronnie behind.He said Ryan would take  him home.


I was really nervous.I arrived there around 2 pm. I saw many people were waiting. Ughhhhhhhhh… I opened the door and put everything ready for them.


I bartended till  5.30pm. I was exhausted,haven’t got lunch yet. Thank God Ronnie came around 4.30pm and brought me something to eat.


Feeling funny again,I told Ronnie that I could fall down anytime anywhere.He asked me to go home. I didn’t go home directly. I went to Bank,deposit some money,bought some gas and then went home.


As soon as I got home,I had my medicine. I was suppose to bartend around 9-10 pm.Since we have Biker Club Party at the bar. OMG!!!!!!! Ronnie called me around 9pm, I couldn’t open my eyes, couldn’t lift up my hands. Felt like all my body was locked up.


He asked me to come,cos he needed me. Aghhh… I wish I could,but I was really weak. I was knocked out by the medicine.


A couple hours later he called me,still the same.I couldn’t get up.He went home around 4.30am on Sunday morning.


The next day I woke up around 10am. Dang!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t catch up to go to church. Nia texted me abt the party in KY. Mande did the same. I decided to go with Mande,cos it’s closer from here.


Actually I wanted to take Ronnie with me,but he’s really exhausted.


As I wrote down already at Gillian’s Bday Party, I was still sick. I went home around 10pm.Tante Mimin called me from Springfield.She asked how I was doing. After that,I took another medicine, and knocked me out again till Monday.

Monday noon I woke up and had lunch.I got dizzy,horrible dizzy,body was still shaky.I lost appetite.I took another medicine and slept till nite. Ronnie came back home from work, tried to talk to me, I wasn’t there.


He lifted up my hand,it fell down. I just could humming around, saying Yes, No. He was worried abt me. Mom came to our bedroom and suggested to take me to the hospital.

Ronnie asked whether I’d love to go to the bar with him at that nite.I just looked at him.

I went downstairs and hit everything I passed. I did loose control of my body,even my mind.


Watching tv with Mom in the living room would help me a lil, I thought. Mom’s talking abt  baby on tv. She said,”That would be fun to watch,Mei –Mei.” I turned my head and said,” Huh? Which one?” She said,” That one,the one just shown.A few secs ago.” Aghhh…. I didn’t pay attention. I did watch it,but I didn’t pay any attention.My mind was gone.


Mom was worried.She said,” Are you conscious ? Can you hear me?You’re not focusing at all.Scared me to death.” I just looked at her,said nothing.


She said,”Where’s the direction of your medicine.I am afraid the medicine makes you like this. “ I said,” It’s gone.”

The next day, I check my medicine. Dang!!! I should have taken ½ tablet  3x a day,not 1 tablet. No wonder it knocked me out!!!!!!!!

It’s just 25 mg only,but it did work. I promised not to take it anymore.

Tuesday Nite I started working.Still not feel the best,but I am trying. Until now I don’t feel the best.  Need some rest before going to work tonite.


Wed Nite


I bartended for a couple hours till Kathie came. Again,I didn't feel good. Laying down on the couch,watching tv,suddenly my vision was double.I took a nap till we closed the bar. Duh.. I felt so bad that Ronnie should have gone home so he could more rest.But last nite,we stucked together at the bar till 3.30 am. Sorry,babe.




Woke up at 11 am,getting ready to work again for a couple hours. Be back home soon, I hope.



  1. Mei.. hope u feeling better soon...
    Jangan kebanyakan kerja, take it easy!!!

  2. hope you feeling better soon Eda Mei..

  3. Yang tabah dan sabar Mei...namanya juga bawaan orok, just take it easy.

  4. Jangan dipaksakan kerja eda, banyak istirahat mungkin lebih baik dari pada makan obat kalau lagi hamil. Semoga cepat sembuh ya....

  5. Get well soon cintahkuhhhhh....tek ker yah...mwuahhhhhh...

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  7. Mei, I hope U getting better. kasihan anak mami.... sabar yah sayang ♥